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3:54 pm
August 11, 2011


San Antonio Texas


posts 5

Well… My name is Kelsey. I live in San Antonio Texas and it's hotter than hell here. I'm working on getting into nursing school, and I'm pretty excited about it. I've been playing video games since I could remember, back from NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy (back when we all swore they were bulletproof), Sega GAMEGEAR (6 batteries anyone?) and up to the last gameboy type I bought, which was just a GB Advance SP to play poke'mon on when I was bored at work years ago! The last consoles I had were PS1, PS2, and XBOX. I was never into anything but the PS2, because I love scary asian horror games! If I was to type every game I've ever played, I would most likely develop arthritis, or die of starvation… maybe a blood clot?


To be quite honest I've never been part of any online group sorta thing like this (minus facebook), expectually around other lesbians even in real life. I guess that sounds strange, but I just never really knew many people who were like me. I'm always so used to playing with my internet gamer "bros" for years and years, and whenever we do cross a "girl" it's just some guy's girlfriend or wife casually playing. I really wanted to meet similiar people and open up more socially.


Anyways, as far as my current gaming goes? I only PC game. I have Steam (ID: Mookies), and a fair number of games already in my library. But even then, I don't mind just chatting.


NOTE: If you can't find my Steam ID, the photo is a corgie with a lobster costume headpiece >_>  or you can just message me or whatever.

4:02 pm
August 11, 2011



posts 44

Welcome to the forum Mookies!

5:05 pm
August 11, 2011



posts 713

Mookies said:

Sega GAMEGEAR (6 batteries anyone?)


That's why I got a power adapter for mine when I had one. Lol


Welcome to the forum!

9:02 pm
August 11, 2011


Under your bed


posts 509

Yo! Welcome to the forum ^^

Emil just died. He did that on purpose.

2:53 am
August 12, 2011


La Sarre, Quebec

It's CoolGame!
It's CoolGame!

posts 917

Welcome to the forum Mookies! :D

The Gamegear is considered by many to be the champion of battery eater. :P

Otherwise, it's nice to see players playing on PC in this forum, I have nothing against console gamers, but since I'm usually on PC… <_<


Raptr Forum Signature

3:06 am
August 12, 2011


San Antonio Texas


posts 5

Mmm popcicle in the morning for breakfast!


Yeah I was just glancing between the PC gaming and Console forums… So much more active on the console forums. I can't make myself buy any new console just to feel more "social". I'd piss more money on a console + accessories + GAMES than my PC in the long term. Not like the 360 isn't getting replaced sooner or later anyways. Found the TF Lesbian Gamer group on steam, but no one was in chat… Is that normal?


Reinstalling TF2 right now… Haven't played in forever. I remember playing it 24/7 though.

1:00 pm
August 12, 2011



posts 12

Hi, welcome to the forum! are you playing team fortress right now?

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