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PS3 or Xbox360, PS3 OR XBOX360!!!!!


7:13 am
February 23, 2011




posts 161

lovesNella said:

Yours is backwards compatible? you're so lucky…

Mine is the slim. I hate that there are so many versions of the ps3 and only like 2 or 3 are backwards compatible.

Back with the ps2 you could just buy, plug and play. no versions or nothing, at least not to my knowledge.

This generation, despite its awesomeness, lacks something


Yeah, I really lucked out in getting one…I wish they had been more accessible so more people could have gotten their hands on them. Like I said, the day my system dies I am going to be a mess because I know my chances of finding another one will be pretty much zero.

I really don't understand why they stopped manufacturing a line of backwards compatible systems. I read it was because the piece of hardware that created the compatability would make the systems more expensive on the market, but that reasoning just seems silly to me. I would gladly pay more for a system if it allowed me to play a wider variety of games and I think a lot of other people feel the same way. If anything make one line that only plays PS3 games and another that plays any playstation games.

I am serious…and don't call me Shirley.

11:18 am
February 23, 2011


Planet Babycha

This is Bozo
This is Bozo

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Post edited 1:18 am – February 23, 2011 by Babycha

So coolgame, have you decided which one you're going to get yet?

3:26 pm
February 23, 2011


La Sarre, Quebec

It's CoolGame!
It's CoolGame!

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Babycha said:

So coolgame, have you decided which one you're going to get yet?


It's really difficult to choose which console to choose, because they are too similar for me to have a good idea of these two, with the exception of some points of course. ^^;

So I chose abstinence for now. Anyway, even if I chose, I had the console that I chose in the summer only.

Raptr Forum Signature

12:21 am
February 24, 2011




posts 44

I have the same dilemma, so your not alone Coolgame! Because i cant decide between the two i have put off buying either.

6:25 pm
February 24, 2011


Yuri Tengoku

Queen of Trysts
Queen of Trysts

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Everyone must have a console!! Putting off either is not an option. Just close your eyes and pick a ps3 with one eye open

Shiritai no da… watashi to omae shinni tsuyoi no wa dochi ga ka….
Sore wo shiru tame naraba yorokonde omae to yaiba wo machie yo

2:15 am
February 25, 2011


Planet Babycha

This is Bozo
This is Bozo

posts 1478

Decisions decisions… This is why I bought both Cool

8:23 am
February 25, 2011



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Someone touched on this previously, but I'd suggest spending a little time with each systems controllers.  It's one of my main turn offs for the PS3.   For some reason the 360s controller just feels more comfortable.   Of course spending time actually playing will over come any issues, but still something to consider.

12:02 am
February 26, 2011


One-trick pony
One-trick pony

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Babycha said:

Decisions decisions… This is why I bought both Cool


Lol, big spendah.

But i agree, the xbox 360 controller feels much more comfortable. I feel like i have to shape my hands into claws to use the ps controller.

Blah, blah, blah… now go get some pussy.

5:31 am
March 8, 2011


So Cal


posts 20

Own both.  Love the Xbox, never play the ps3. 


It seems if you're looking to play online with other people the Xbox is a lot more user friendly.  If you're looking to play more solo titles i'd go for the ps3 I guess, but I've always thought the titles that xbox offers are better. 


Dunno, I'm an xbox chick i guess. 

xbl – jah meg

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