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Hitler not happy about Warehouse 13 finale – Myka & HG

Hitler not happy about Warehouse 13 finale – Myka & HG

This video is for fans of “Warehouse 13” and please be aware it contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the end of season 3 (the finale that recently aired in the US). If you’re a fan of Myka and H. G. Wells and their ongoing love story (okay so it’s subtext, we all know it’s real!), you’re going to say words you never thought you would say after watching this video. Those words are “I totally agree with Hitler”. Hope the lesbian geek in you enjoys this, I know I did and yeah.. I totally agree with Hitler.

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2 Responses to “Hitler not happy about Warehouse 13 finale – Myka & HG”

  1. Azundris says:

    Agreed on all points (also, somebody needs to ask whether HG was carrying the Idiot Ball this week — was there a reason she contained the team instead of the @#$#$%# bomb?). :(
    One thing though — if you change the subs, you also need to change the audio, otherwise, it’s just confusing and amateurish.
    Anyway, here’s to hoping the hinted-at retcon in the next episode will fix this debacle.
    Finally, I think we all have a good idea what HG tried to convey in her whisper, but can somebody who reads lips please confirm?

  2. Kris says:

    It seemed like M&H were finally getting it together and they had to go and do that. The rope trick was pretty delicious, too. PS – Where can I get a full sized version of the Mylena rope pic above?

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