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Skyrim allows same-sex marriage – Huzzah!

Skyrim allows same-sex marriage – Huzzah!

According to Bethesda same-sex marriage in game isn’t a big deal, so they’ve not really thought to mention it before someone on Twitter asked them directly. The question was posed: “Is same sex marriage in Skyrim? I know the option to get married to ppl is in. The subject seems like hush hush”, to which VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda Pete Hines responded: “Not hush hush, just not making a huge deal out of it. You can marry anyone”. Hines then added: “Sorry, should clarify. Not any NPC, just mean any male or female. Doesn’t matter what you’re playing.” Well who’s all happy now huh? Good news.. Thanks Bethesda.

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5 Responses to “Skyrim allows same-sex marriage – Huzzah!”

  1. Skyrim says:

    Who is excited for Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim?! I know I am!

  2. WoS says:

    Oh yeah, I sure am excited to get this game as well!

  3. Jude says:

    Cool. But will there be a Mac version?

  4. Ktwiggy says:

    I really, really really loved Oblivion. It just took a whole life to even try to complete it, which I never did…yeah. And some romantic interests was one of the only things I missed there. Anyways, everytime I read/hear/see marriage stuff at any kind of videogame, the horrible romantic system of Fable comes to my mind. I want my romantic interests to have some sort of…personality?

  5. JoeTheMighty says:

    Thats kinda a let down tho.. so i guess we will only be able to marry certain characters.. well altogether this will be a decent game but theres alot of stuff there not talking about.. I just hope they do this right.. i really care about this game! im not really intrested in any others.. i just want skyrim


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