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FemShep video Female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect

FemShep video Female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect

Check out this awesome female Commander Shepard (femShep) video by YouTuber “gametourists”. The video shows off many of the female Commander Shepards in game, all so neatly knitted together with a funky soundtrack. There’s even some girl on mono-gendered alien lovin (and femshep with dudes.. ugh). I know I spotted someone that looked very like my Commander Shepard, how about you? check out the awesome video and let us know. “I’m just here to get the job done, let someone else be on the poster”. Genius.

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3 Responses to “FemShep video Female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect”

  1. Cata Rayo says:

    Great video!
    Big laugh at the end xD!!!

  2. Zak says:

    A lot of my friends play the wonderful ME series, all of them with a male Sheppard.

    Not mine, oh no. Sheppard is the savior of the universe, a bad ass, and a chick.

    Just wanted to say how I really enjoyed this, not to many people use the female Sheppard in my videos, ignoramus.

  3. LitChick says:

    This is so cool.

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