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EA’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Unit sponsor Women in Games Jobs

EA’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Unit sponsor Women in Games Jobs

For those interested in the Electronic Arts support of the increase in diversity in the games industry, heads up, we’ve got the full press release of the latest Women in Games event. EA’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Unit has kindly agreed to sponsor the Women in Games Jobs (WIGJ) Networking Lunch taking place during Develop 2011 in Brighton, UK. Over 50 women have committed to attend the Women in Games Jobs lunch so far. Existing and prospective members of the Women in Games Jobs group who are going to Develop or live and work in reach of Brighton are invited to this free lunch and to benefit from an opportunity to network with other women working or planning to work in the games industry.

Ginger Graham, Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager at EA’s Redwood Shores commented,

“EA knows the importance of reaching and supporting top talent on a global scale. We are very proud to sponsor the Women in Games Jobs luncheon which will provide an intimate venue for collaboration, networking and sharing best practices.”

David Smith, Founder of Women in Games Jobs said,

“We welcome Electronic Arts as sponsor of our lunch at Develop. EA is serious about making a difference to the gender imbalance that many feel exist in this industry and this sponsorship will help us to recruit into and retain more women in the video games industry.”

Up to 30 places still remain which are being offered to women in games on a first come, first served basis. This event is by ticket only requiring attendees to pre-register. To register for your ticket and find more information go to


About Women in Games Jobs

Women in Games Jobs (WIGJ) is a “not for profit” company that works to recruit more women into the games industry by promoting role models and giving encouragement and information to those women seeking to work in games. It also campaigns to make the games industry a more attractive field for women, both for new entrants and to retain women already working in the industry.

Founded by David Smith, MD of international recruiter Interactive Selection in August 2009, WIGJ has over 2500 supporters. WIGJ is advised by high profile industry women including former European Publisher MD’s Jo Goodson and Alison Cressey, and Sony Production Lead Ali Bergstrom – Allen. Additional Advisory Board members include Geraldine Cross of Blitz Games, Louise Murray of Microsoft, Fiona Sperry of EA Criterion and Giselle Stuart of Ubisoft Reflections.


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3 Responses to “EA’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Unit sponsor Women in Games Jobs”

  1. ShadowTiger says:

    Yay updates on LG!

    I am a big fan of more women in games but most of the time they end up in marketing, HR, etc.

    I think there needs to be more emphasis on women as game developers. The change needed is not diversity in the work place, its about diversity in the games that are created and having a new ideas about stories, gameplay, art direction, etc.

    Similarly, hiring women who are already in the industry is not going to help much, only recruiting those who are not in the industry will grow the number of women.

    Perhaps they have the best of intentions, but they simply don’t to have any reliable methodology if enacting change. And as both a gamer and a developer, I can say that I want change.

  2. daman says:

    EA, are they evil or do they merely have the greatest PR team in gaming. EA support women in games about as much as Ubisoft do, that is to say, they don’t. How many games have EA released in the last 5 years with female protagonists? How many games have EA released where the women in them are portrayed in subservient manner. Sorry girls but I’m not buying this one little bit, it’s probably a tax break.

  3. David Smith says:

    No tax break, the support is real. If you are in the UK in September, please come to our European Women in Games Conference. Exciting line up of keynote and other speakers focusing on career development for women – getting into and getting on in the games industry. You can see the agenda at

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