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WWDC 2011 Apple Keynote – A Lesbian Geek Guide

WWDC 2011 Apple Keynote – A Lesbian Geek Guide

We lesbian geek types do love a little Apple love, so intrepid reporter Jayde (no not THAT Jade, but an awesome intrepid reporter none the less) has taken the time to check out this years World Wide Developers Conference, paying particular interest to the all important Apple Keynote. So if you’re an Apple fan, you probably want to check this out.

WWDC 2011 Apple Keynote – A Lesbian Geek Guide

This year at the world wide developers conference 2011 Apple rocked the stage as their keynote showed us their up and coming releases.

So what will we be getting, when and how much will it set us back? These are the main questions we want answers to.

OS X Lion
Lion is Apple’s new addition for Mac OS X but will it roar like a lion or just cough up
fur-balls like a pussy. With a staggering 250 new features lets have a look at the top 10 key features.

Multi touch gestures
With Apple incorporating multi touch track pads in all their latest notebooks this really is a cool feature. Although there are some multi touch gestures already in Snow leopard they always seemed temperamental and some a bit unnatural. With this new feature promising to be fluid and effortless as you just swipe through your photos in iPhoto and pinch to zoom. It also makes web browsing a treat as you no longer have to bother with scroll bars, you simply have to push through the web pages.

Full Screen Applications
Most of Apple’s applications will now have the full screen control in the upper right of the application window and you can run more than one application in full screen mode without ever having to leave full screen mode, just swipe gesture to get back to the desktop and then swipe back to your full screen application.

Mission Control
Combining dashboard, expose and spaces all working together and accessed by a three finger swipe up gesture. This feature – if your anything like me – will be the most useful, giving you an overall view of everything that is going on. It helps you organise your applications and documents into different spaces with ease and to be able to see the over all view of the desktop at the same time and don’t forget your widgets.

Mac App Store
No big whoop on this one, but the mac app store comes built in and ready to go with OS X Lion. Application updates will be delta updates so it will be quicker to download which is good if you don’t have a fast internet connection.

Launch pad
A quick gesture gets you into launch pad where you can see all your applications on your mac no matter where they are installed and you can organise your apps into iOS 4 looking containers which you can of course custom label. All new installed apps will populate automatically to the launch pad.

Pretty self explanatory, but resume gets you back to your work environment as you left it so you can get to back into your work quicker, not too sure if that’s a good thing or not but non the less still a very nifty little feature. No more having to arrange your windows again or setting up your spaces again just RESUME.

WWDC 2011 Apple Keynote rundown

Auto Save
As I’m writing this I am constantly having to press cmd + s which = pain in my cute ass.
well no more as auto save takes away that burden and trauma when something goes wrong and you realised you have lost your work cause you didn’t save! So now at the title bar of a pages document there will be a drop down arrow with the option to lock the document, duplicate or revert to last opened.

Tied in with the auto save feature versions is constantly saving your work as your doing it with all the changes your making to it, all of these are saved as versions of a document you can also take a manual snap shot. If you’re thinking this is gonna take up a lot of disk space like I was, well don’t get the prozac out just yet as this feature is very efficient at using space, as only the differences between them are saved not the whole document. All these versions can be accessed through the drop down in the title bar under the option browse all version. When sharing a document only the current version is shared so they wont get all the previous stuff, happy days!

Air Drop
A peer to peer (Wi-Fi based network) file sharing feature. It’s easy to use as it is auto discoverable and setup with a nice graphical user interface which can be found in finder under air drop. Documents have to be confirmed at both ends by sender and recipient so no receiving pictures of strangers asses, unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case all documents are fully encrypted during transfer.

Not only will mail be more beautiful than Angelina Jolie’s breasts resting in two golden chalices, it also packs some really great new features such as the search functionality where you can create unlimited search filters called tokens to let you narrow it down to a single email. No more colour coded replies as this is replaced by conversation view individual sections, in one message view, containing all original clips and attachments.

So there you have it 10 top features briefly outlined for your general pleasure.

When is it out: Sometime in July unless you’re a developer. Apple’s website has a cool notify me service if you’re an eager beaver.

Where: Mac OS X Lion will only be available to download from the App Store.

How much: UK £20.99 U.S $29.99 Aus $31.99

How Big: Around 4 Gig in size

Jayde Draeger

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