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Dragon’s Call gay pride press release so bizarre

Dragon’s Call gay pride press release so bizarre

Our sister site ThumbBandits has a post up about online MMORPG “Dragon’s Call” and it’s so strange we thought we’d cover it here. Essentially the presser covers the following question: “Is it appropriate to talk about Sexual Innuendo in world chat?” The answer: “Absolutely no!”, but it is the rest of the press release where it goes off on a tangent about Gay Pride Week in the game where it gets completely bizarre. I think in part this is an ‘Engrish’ issue, because it reads like perhaps it’s been translated poorly. Check it out after the jump….


“The answer is obvious. But it’s understandable when many young adults gather around in a group, isn’t it? Especially, when they are hooking up in the in-game chat. A female Dragon’s Call player named “HOT_FUDGE_SUNDAE”, typed up words about “whipped cream” with an evil smile in the world chat, which lit up the fire for a series of adult sex talks last week. Another player reported to the official with captured chat screenshots on the official forum board and asked “Is it appropriate to talk about Sexual Innuendo in world chat?”

The GH (Game Helper, player volunteer of Dragon’s Call) group suggested adding the following rules for Dragon’s Call – “No sexual innuendo in world chat. And do not use cell phone to send advertise messages while you get drunk in the bathroom.” A few chat mutes will surely be applied as a warm for those random horny young adults, but the official doesn’t seem to have further solutions for this.

Actually, a similar issue happened on the Gay Pride Week last year. This news might remind you a bit – “A Player Threatens to Sue Dragon’s Call Dev. for Censoring the Word ‘Gay’”. What if those gays came back again and asked for the equal rights in world chat? OH, what a big mess, I have to stop here before it goes all wrong. But on the other hand, those world chat screenshots did help innocent adults like me pick up some new words, such as “Fleshlight”. Oops, just broke the new rule.


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  1. ShadowTiger says:

    This is an interesting issue that still hasn’t been resolved.

    There is no 100% effective way to censor online communications in a game.

    In my online game, the only thing I will put in is an ignore feature that lets you silence someone who is annoying. If enough people ignore someone, they will get flagged for a moderator to look at.

    It would be a waste of time and money to add in things like swear word filters, since they are so easy to bypass.

    That being said… I think more MMO games should celebrate Gay Pride!

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