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Gay Girls Who Game – Season Four Episode Nine – Dead Space 2

Gay Girls Who Game – Season Four Episode Nine – Dead Space 2

Gay Girls Who Game have been playing Dead Space 2 in their long break, well that and some other stuff, but it’s Dead Space 2 that’s up for review in this show.

As well as the spooky Dead Space 2 review, there’s also the usual viewer feedback from the previous episode.

Comments for this episode can be left (and will be responded to) here at though the vlog will also appear at AfterEllen.

Note: We have been informed by After Ellen that videos will now be region locked at their site (found out Nov 5 2010) …. “When we put videos into our own player, which is what will soon be happening with all of our vlogs, they are region locked. It’s an unfortunate thing, true of all videos on Elton, Logo, etc. We can’t do anything about it”.

This is why we are now paying for a Vimeo account. Hopefully this will help with all the issues people have tweeted and emailed us about. We are also working at backdating as many vlogs as we can for stable, non region locked viewing. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this should fix it for you.

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9 Responses to “Gay Girls Who Game – Season Four Episode Nine – Dead Space 2”

  1. spotticus says:

    Glad to see y’all made it through the floods and cyclone. Yikes! I totally agree with you about the virtual goodies. Sheesh, put them in the game already and be done with it. The Dead Space 2 trailer looks pretty good, and since you both really liked the game (hot Frankie indeedy!) I will have to put it on my list. I finally weaned myself off of Red Dead Redemption and am now working my way through Gran Tourismo 5. Wheeee! Next up is Call of Duty Black Ops. Cheers!

  2. spotticus says:

    Oh, and I just wanted to say that the “Dead Island” theatrical trailer on the homepage looks wicked awesome!

  3. kreigen says:

    Nice to see you made it through all the natural disasters in one piece :)

    It seems that Zumba has begun its take on World domination…everyone seems to be doing it at the moment (except for me..because I can’t).

    I really love a game with a good story and especially a good atmosphere. The suspense aspect is my fav bit. I had the MGS alert sound as my text message tone, and it still frightens the life out of me!

    Been playing LBP2 when I have time to visit home. That game is AMAZING, soooo fun, abosultely love it :), also still trying to complete Fallout NV in dribs and drabs.

    And if you want a scray rating, go for the L Word “Interrogation Tapes”. I’m sticking to the line that they were actually designed to invoke terror. 😛

  4. faith_in_buffy says:

    I tried playing the demo for the first Dead Space ages ago but I couldn’t get along with it. I got attacked by a swarm of alien bug things and died (repeatedly).
    I’m mostly looking forward to Dragon Age 2 now. I prefer Mass Effect because I’m a sci-fi geek but I really enjoyed Dragon Age as well. I quite like games that aren’t all action. I enjoy wandering around finding out about the religions, races and culture of the game’s world.

    @kreigen lol at the mgs text tone, think I might download that and see if I can scare my sister with it. That sound used to make me jump a mile when I wasn’t expecting to get seen.

  5. kreigen says:


    You totally should, it used to terrify all my friends. It even went off once in a lecture (by accident) and scared the lecturer!

  6. Xanadugrrl says:

    Glad to see everyone is ok!

    I have a confession to make- I bought Dead Space 2…. but I haven’t played it yet. I couldn’t play it right away due to work, and then when I finally did have time to play, Dragon Age 2 came out. I may have just spent the past week playing Dragon Age 2 every single waking moment I have not been at work.

    Hopefully when I am done making out with Dragon Age 2 and all the writers at Bioware, I’ll be able to get back to Dead Space 2.

    @faith_n_buffy I hope you have loved DA2 as much as I have!

  7. ShadowTiger says:

    theres so many games coming out this year and i don’t have time to play any of them.

    At least i can save money and buy them when they go on sale.

  8. KristenD says:

    Hello to you both!

    Tracy-Sorry to hear you’ve been ill..get better already… :)

    Angela-Two words…..Uncharted 3….

    Haven’t started Dead Space 2…I can’t finish Dead Space…And unfortunately I bought Tetris on PSN………addiction is a terrible thing….

    And finally….Cabo San Lucas was awesome, check out my facebook shortly for photos!!!

  9. Ben says:

    That was more entertaining than I expected, good review too.

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