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Mac App Store finally launches here’s what we think

Mac App Store finally launches here’s what we think

The Mac App Store is finally live and we’ve been playing around with it for awhile today, so we thought we’d plop down some thoughts whilst it’s all fresh and spangly in our minds. Firstly you need to run an update to find it, so if you’re having trouble, just mouse over the Apple Logo top left corner, scroll down to “Software Update” and when you’re all updated the new Mac App Store icon should be sitting in your dock, probably in the far left side (if your dock is horizontal). Note though you will need to be running the latest OS. Once you’re in, the UI is crazy neat and if you have an iPad, iPod Touch or iPad you’ll recognize the overall look and feel. There’s the usual sections including ““Featured”, “Top Charts”, “Categories”, “Purchases” and “Updates”.

Seeing all your purchases on one page is cool, though things like iWorks, iPhoto etc that you already own, don’t show for some reason. There’s also a distinct lack of an “Uninstall” feature which seems a glaring omission given the relative ease that would offer users.

Overall the new Mac App Store is a hit, it’s simple to use and as usual is streamlined with the Apple look. I would add in however some “Apps” carry quite the hefty price-tag (LEGO Harry Potter is a whopping $60 AUD) and despite the US to AUD parity of the market (at time of writing), Aussies are still being squeezed for as much as an extra 20% for some titles over and above the US price.

Via [GirlyGamer].

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  1. ShadowTiger says:

    I heard that Angry Birds is $5, which is outrageous since it is a copy of a flash game which you can get for free on any Mac. It is also free on mobile devices…

    The app store seems like a money grab, and while some software may be cheaper than before, i think that any computer that can run x86 code should be able to get free alternatives to many paid Apps.

    Then again I don’t really like Apple or what it stands for so its not a surprise that I am upset with their app store.

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