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Gay Girls Who Game – Season Four Episode Eight – Kinect

Gay Girls Who Game – Season Four Episode Eight – Kinect

Gay Girls Who Game have been playing with the Xbox Kinect and they’ve got a few reviews of Kinect games, along with Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and a look into the eye of Kinect to see how Kinect does what it does.

As well as all those reviews there’s also the usual viewer feedback from the previous episode.

Comments for this episode can be left (and will be responded to) here at though the vlog will also appear at AfterEllen. Due to their new region locking of videos can you comment here, this will also ensure we can respond when filming the next episode.

Have a great gaming week!

Note: We have been informed by After Ellen that videos will now be region locked at their site (found out Nov 5 2010) …. “When we put videos into our own player, which is what will soon be happening with all of our vlogs, they are region locked. It’s an unfortunate thing, true of all videos on Elton, Logo, etc. We can’t do anything about it”.

This is why we are now paying for a Vimeo account. Hopefully this will help with all the issues people have tweeted and emailed us about. We are also working at backdating as many vlogs as we can for stable, non region locked viewing. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this should fix it for you.

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7 Responses to “Gay Girls Who Game – Season Four Episode Eight – Kinect”

  1. kreigen says:

    Ah that is a clever link! 😀 I am impressed!

    The Assassins Creed boxset looks pretty sweet. It’s always nice to see a game do that properly…sometimes the efforts look a bit half-hearted.

    That night-vision thing was so cool! I can’t believe how many little sensors there are.

    I don’t think I’ll be convinced by Kinect until someone I know has it and I’ve tried it…I think I’m a bit wary of motion controllers.

    As a side note I actually manage to buy GT5 for my brother the other day. I never actually thought I’d see the day it got released.

    Great Vlog! :)

  2. faith in buffy says:

    My mam has liked platform games since Sonic but she’s not so fussed on shooters. I convinced her to play Mass Effect for the RPG elements. Now she’s playing Dragon Age on the PS3 giving me a chance to play Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox. I like the fighting system on FFXIII, the turn based fighting put me off previous games. Also cool female characters and gorgeous graphics.

    I had no clue Kinect had night vision. I thought you’d just need a well lit room. I kind of want one because it looks really futuristic and I want to be in Star Trek. But I think good games would be a real reason to buy one, so I won’t get one until there are some Kinect games I want.

  3. Kristen D says:

    Loved the Kinect review and enjoyed the podcast as well..

    With all the Christmas merriment/decorating/etc. game playing has been slow…I started playing L4D again….

    Seems odd I wanna shoot zombies around the holidays…. :-)

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you both and to your families….

  4. DigitalAngel says:

    I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood for a while now & am loving it to absolute bits. It’s so beautiful, elegant, fun and badass all at the same time. It’s just be changed enough to be an exciting new challenge, but still keep the awesomeness of the AC franchise intact. The addition of new weapons changes up the game play and strategy – especially the crossbow (l-o-v-e it!).

    I, like Tracey, will have to get every achievement and pick up every darn flag and feather. I can see myself playing AC Brotherhood for a long long time to come.

    Kinect looks fun – for those gamers who like to move about (not me!). I think that in a year from now, we’re going to see what Kinect can really do when developers have had proper time (and gosh, some imagination) to push the boundaries of the super cool technology.

  5. ufos_are_real says:

    Has this vlog really been up since Dec. 4?? WTF is wrong with me that I keep missing this stuff :( I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t rely on AE for anything GGWG related anymore.

    Anyway very entertaining vlog as always with Tracy’s dancing and the night vision kinect lol. I had no idea Kinect has night vision. That is just all sorts of awesome. It looks very secret ops. .. it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen and I’m very impressed. Night vision dog also made me chuckle :)

    So awesome to hear you loved Assassins Creed!! I still cannot even handle the beauty of the way they created old world renaissance Italy. It’s so devastatingly gorgeous that I’m thinking maybe it’s not such a bad thing that I haven’t played it because I think I’d spend more time staring at the scenery and drooling on the conroller than I would actually playing lol Lapdance Carmen for sure :)

  6. ShadowTiger says:

    I almost forgot to post a comment o.O

    Another awesome vlog!

    That assassin’s creed boxed set looks really cool, but it probably costs $100+

    I feel like Collectors editions are not worth it, since the artbook usually has art I don’t like, the DVD extras are boring, and the toys that sometimes come along are cheap quality.

    Thats not to say that I won’t be buying any… I am sure I will pick up the Diablo 3 CE when it comes out. I just wish that they paid more attention to the basics, like giving a well written manual instead of stuff that used to come on a quick reference card.

    I read video game manuals & strategy guides for fun, and the writing for older games is very fun to read while today almost no effort is put into this stuff.

    Does anyone else have a game manual they remember being really awesome?

    Ones that come to mind for me are Warcraft (original), Arcanum, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, and the Strategy Guide for Master of Magic and the Strategy Guide for Civilization (original).

  7. spotticus says:

    Happy New Year Ladies and fellow commentors!!

    The Kinect looks wicked awesome! I will have to check out the podcast. but quick question: can two people play at the same time? The night vision demonstration seems to show that the coverage is a pretty large area. Does the furniture and dog show up onscreen?

    I am still playing Red Dead Redemption because I, like Tracy, have to go for every hidden item and trophy. It has been a blast and I have been playing it for about a month now, but I think it may be time to move on. I picked up AC Brotherhood last week (along with GT5 and Call Of Duty Black Ops) but haven’t started playing yet. And since I am such a luddite, I have not yet connected my PS3 to the internet, so I cannot download RDR:Undead Nightmare. It is out on hard disk now in the stores, but has been a real pain to find locally.

    Thanks for the vlog, and Tracy, just let Angela get Epic Mickey already. The graphics look cool from what I have seen online and on the TeeVee machine.

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