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Pixar’s message of It Gets Better loved by almost everyone

Pixar’s message of It Gets Better loved by almost everyone

Today we posted the “It Get’s Better” message from Pixar studios to Twitter. Pretty much everyone who has taken the time to view the video has loved it (myself included), but one friend messaged me to say something interesting. I had watched the video and thought “this is great”, not only because of the overall message, but also because everyone knows Pixar, they bring people joy and I thought it was a really great thing for them to do (I still do). A friend though said he thought the video was awesome, other than it’s full of gay stereotypes. I watched the video back with fresh eyes and kind of saw what he was saying. Regardless of that however, if you missed this video, give it a watch, it’s great stuff.

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7 Responses to “Pixar’s message of It Gets Better loved by almost everyone”

  1. wolfofsahara says:

    I <3 Pixar.

  2. W says:

    It takes some guts for a big company to come out with something like that; kudos to them for having the backbone and integrity to do so.

  3. ufos_are_real says:

    I loved this. I loved Pixar before but it makes me love them that much more.

    As for the being “full of gay stereotypes” statement, I’m a little confused. Would they rather have had them hire actors to tell these people’s stories or write a script for them instead? Isn’t the whole entire point of this to have real people share their REAL stories? Doing something like telling the guy not to mention that he loves showtunes because it’s too stereotypically gay would have undermined the whole entire point of the message. If these are the ACTUAL people that work for Pixar then they are absolutely the ones that need to be telling these stories in their own words. If the message is about it being okay to be yourself, however you see fit, then how can anyone fault them for being too “stereotypically gay” if that is infact who they are? o_0

  4. ShadowTiger says:

    I like the general idea and it was a great video.

    As for the “stereotype” issue, i think the problem is with the people editing the video. Obviously they took many hours of footage and picked out parts to give a unified story/message. In doing so, they may have singled out behaviors/trends that are stereotypical, though this is obviously a subjective idea.

  5. W says:

    So, a company comes forward and does something risky and great like this and someone says “Sure, but it wasn’t great *enough*”

    Is there any wonder why more companies don’t feel encouraged to do this sort of thing?

  6. Sharks says:

    Holy cow–this video put tears in my eyes. Where did Pixar post this besides YouTube? I totally, totally give them huge props for this. Royally awesome.

    And about stereotypes? What? These are real people doing this! You can’t get any better or more genuine than that, editing be damned.

    This was great.

    +100 Epic Win.

  7. ChibiBombThing says:

    Thanks Pixar, that brought a tear to my eye.

    I don’t have a problem with so called ‘gay stereotypes’ as I love the diversity of the gay community. The fact that I can be butch, my gf can be lipstick, my best friend can be camp and his bf can pass for straight (poor him) and still be accepted is one of our strengths.

    Let’s not hate ourselves for being ourselves.

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