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Help Lip Service get a second season

Help Lip Service get a second season

Hello ladies. Who has been enjoying BBC 3 series “Lip Service”? If you’ve missed this show the DVD and Bluray release is on Monday (15th November R2). If you’re in the UK though, we urge you to watch the show when the finale airs 10:30pm Tuesday night on BBC 3 to help maintain the “Lip Service” ratings and therefore push for a second series (even if you buy the DVD and watch the finale prior to it airing). Series one of “Lip Service” is 6 episodes long, but it’s such a good show one would hope a longer second season. Who else is watching? Sure it’s not real “lesbian geek” genre, but we’re using the excuse that Tess is a total geek, also we want to help this show get a second series because it’s got a great cast, compelling drama and good production. Who’s watching?!

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50 Responses to “Help Lip Service get a second season”

  1. Joann says:

    PLEASE let it get a second series.
    I love this show and it is set in the UK which makes it even more dear to my heart.

    BBC 3 please give Lip Service series 2.
    Also think of the cashcow you are sitting on with regards to series DVD sales.

  2. kreigen says:

    Totally been watching this! Can’t wait for the finale. I’ll be gutted if it’s just one season :(

    Curious to see how they will round it off…if they don’t have a confirmed second series then they won’t be able to leave it on a total cliffhanger…or so you would think.

  3. I Love Frankie says:

    Good point about dvd sales, i think this will sell a lot, i already bought it fom play.

    You and a lot of others will be gutted.

    Hope bbc 3 at least give this some thought. Lip Service is a great show. I wonder how the chick playing frankie being on that Tudors type show (set in italy) would affect filming of a second season.

    If there is a second season please double the episode numbers bbc 3.

  4. Bluelikeu says:




  5. KatieCat says:

    Make it so BBC 3


  6. ana says:

    We r watching lip service in Macedonia, and we want second season too!

  7. Emily says:

    lip service is amazing!
    it needs a second series
    even some boys I talk to watch it

  8. rebecca says:

    please please bbc3 make a series 2 lip service!!

  9. Helena says:

    I’d be surprised if there isn’t another one. I ‘d also be disappointed!

  10. paula & clair says:

    please let there be a 2nd season.. totaly love it… sam’s so hot xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. waychiepoos says:

    please please please be a second series of lip service it was fantastic !!! my fav ever tv program !!! so please xx

  12. nicola foy says:

    i hope they make a second series, its an amazing show prob the best drama on tv, cant beleive its finished tho.. bring out a second wee all wanna know what happenes between frankie and her mum x

  13. nany says:

    please, It is necessary that there is the second season. lips service it´s a great production.
    please We want to enjoy of mas seasons

  14. Bradley says:

    Fantastic series, best i’ve seen in a while. Hope they can manage to make a 2nd series.

  15. es says:

    i want second season too!

  16. betti says:

    E’ assurdo lasciare che finisca così un bel telefilm…abbiamo bisogno della seconda stagione!supplichiamo la bbc3 per un seguito,ci siamo appassionati di tutti i protagonisti sopratutto di frankie(ruta) & cat (laura fraser)tifiamo per Lip service again….

  17. Simon says:

    I loved how it ended and it definitely left the door ajar for a second season.

    Please give Lip Service a second season, it is one of the better UK series of late (it and Mistresses imho).

  18. Shan says:

    I have ordered the DVD thanks to your stories. I have also looked at a lot of clips on youtube and needless to say I am really looking forward to it.

    A shame it is only 6 episodes long, that seems rather short, is that normal in the UK?

  19. stoker315 says:

    MUST BE a 2nd SEASON!!!! Of course I ordered the DVDs… before the series finale! Great series, well done… more realistic characters, and done BRILLIANTLY in such a short time… 6 eps! Who’da believed it possible! Just disappointed that series 2 (and 3 and 4) has (have) not already been shouted (by BBC3) from the rooftops!

  20. sara says:

    Hi from Spain

    I love it and I really hope they make a second season.

  21. SamFan says:

    Can BBC 3 make Lip Service series two longer please. In U.S.A. series have 22-24 episodes, 6 episodes is too short. Maybe Lip Service season two can have 12 episodes? That is still a short season.

    Thank You.

  22. LipServiceLove says:

    I LOVE this show. I want a second season.
    I did have this ginorm message I wanted to write about how brlliant I think this show is and how the BBC would be stupid not to bring it back but I think I just covered my feelings.

    More Lip Service.

  23. Sarah D says:

    I have absolutely loved the first series and it was left with so many issues to be resolved – Bring on the 2nd series, Can’t wait!

  24. bettelover says:

    I LOVE this show. I want a second season.

  25. RutaLove says:

    It’s European, sexy and stars Ruta Gedmintas as Frankie Alan.

    Please BBC Television I must know what happens to Frankie and her mother who seemed happy to see her, can Frankie get some happiness and stop being a screw up. I must know.

    Lips Service season 2 please.

  26. edi says:


  27. Bo says:

    Its about time we had a lesbian series in the uk! Lets keep it that way! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a second series! xxx

  28. computerzoe says:

    I LOVE this show so much. I want a second season too, please, please, ^_^

  29. leanne says:

    loved every bit off it cant wait 4 nxt season.

  30. eva says:

    I love the show hope there is a second season :)

  31. KK says:

    6episodes are toooooooo short!!hope next season at least 12episodes~~

  32. helen says:

    Brilliant series, i’m totally hooked!! Please make another season…we need to know what Cat’s choice will be. Thought I was straight…how come i have this major crush on Sam?!?!

  33. reka says:

    hello from Ukraine!

    Lip Service makes me lose my breath.. Leaves me in deep thoughts..
    It makes me roll!

    I LOVE this show so MUCH!

    season 2 PLEASE….. :*)

  34. Amber says:

    I have been watching every episode from France . And When I discovered it was over I felt so frustrating . Please release a second season ! I miss it already !

  35. Amber says:

    I have been watching every episode from France . And When I discovered it was over I felt so frustrated . Please release a second season ! I miss it already !PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !

  36. chris says:

    Please, please make a second series, my dvds are nearly worn out.

  37. YY says:

    pls make it Season 2!!!! i want frankie and cat together!!!

  38. poppy says:

    hello from georgia :)
    i love the show so please do not stop it :)
    waiting for season 2

  39. steph says:


    i hope there is a second one the first one was mint. i watche all the eposided ndidnt even miss one lol… hope there is another pretty please…

  40. newcomer says:

    Another series should be made, if they could make 6 series out of the L Word which was rubbish compared to Lip Service, then i think the BBC can stretch to financing some alternative drama, please no more stupid reality tv and game shows. We all should be represented on the BBC, we all pay licencies after all!!

  41. Sangey says:

    I’m watching lip service in Australia and I love it. A little less over the top then the l word which is awesome.

    Please make a second series BBC 3!

  42. Chris says:

    I love the series! I love Sam and Cat! Please have a season two! When will the region 1 dvds come out? I haven’t seen a great series like this in quite a while. Shows in the U.S. can be boring sometimes.

  43. Rena says:

    Please make a second season!!! My favorite character doesn’t even have a name yet! I must know her name. And I absolutely adore Tess. Please please please!!

  44. DAHIANA says:

    Me encanta por fa mas episodios…

  45. Aliky says:

    We r watching Lip Service on Chile (south America)!!!!
    We love it and obviously want a second season!!!

  46. zafeira says:

    As i know, there will be a second one!!

    p.s.: @Ana: there is not such thing as Macedonia for Country. Macedonia is greek and your country name is FYROM. Please be more accurate about that.

  47. lip service fan says:

    series two of lip servies pleaaaassseee

  48. Djin says:

    hey!.. We, russian girls, waiting for second season! Serial is amaizing)) go on!!!!

  49. TUNA says:

    From Chile !

    We need this series please!,
    it´s grate, the characters are fabolous, and it´s nos so unreal like other series.


  50. plague says:

    OMG i just find out about lip service four about a week ago and iam totaly in love with it!
    i dont understand some people keep compare it 2 the l word, thisis so much diffrent you cant compare the two.
    its like Lost VS Prison break Modern Family VS Friends.
    I love this show so much it hade so much emotion.
    i would really love it if there comes a season 2 with maybe 12 episodes :$
    the charecters are totally awsome <3

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