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Halo Reach – Video Review

Halo Reach – Video Review

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Gay Girls Who Game host Angela is a self admitting Halo fangirl. She’s bought every game since launch in whatever the mega edition is (other than that RTS title Halo Wars). You will know she is a Halo fangirl from the opening squeal she lets out consisting of “a game I’ve been hangin out for!!!!!!” at the beginning of the review. You may recall Halo: ODST was a bit of a disappointment for Angela, and now the words “First Things First: Male or Female” have redeemed Bungie and once more made them gods, at least in this reviewers heart. Shame about the length… but that isn’t everything. Halo: Reach manages to score the Lara Perkins L Word rating.. not bad!

To see the review skip to around 23mins 50secs in.

For a full written review of the campaign part of Halo: Reach click here.

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Gay Girls Who Game S04E07 from Lesbian Gamers on Vimeo.

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