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FIFA 11 – Video Review

FIFA 11 – Video Review

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Gay Girls Who Game host Tracy admits freely and proudly that she’s a “FIFA girl” and is gleeful to give her thoughts on FIFA 11. She covers “Personality Plus” which is all about authenticity, so Wayne Rooney will apparently run like a hobbit. She also talks about the other aspects of the game, like “Be a Goalie” which sets co-host Angela off, because everyone knows what it means if you’re chosen to be a goalie. All in all Tracy loved FIFA 11, but then she is a FIFA girl.

To see the review skip to 11 minutes in.

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Gay Girls Who Game S04E07 from Lesbian Gamers on Vimeo.

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  1. eudamonia says:

    An excellent game :) definitely worth 4 stars. Slightly disappointed with manager mode as they have taken away additional features such as improving the stadium or player fitness.

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