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Fallout New Vegas lesbian Veronica Santangelo voiced by Felicia Day

Fallout New Vegas lesbian Veronica Santangelo voiced by Felicia Day

We’ve been checking out Fallout New Vegas female character Veronica Renata Santangelo, a Brotherhood of Steel Scribe who can be found at the 188 Trading Post in 2281. What’s interesting about veronica is, we’re told she’s a lesbian (though the wiki suggests she’s could be bi). Her sexuality is alluded to via conversational pointers, When she’s asked if she’s ever been in love she responds that she and a girl were in love, but due to her parents belief that lovers should procreate things didn’t work out with them. She also alludes to the fact her parents probably prefer her not to be home, but rather out in the wastes, which suggests they have issue with her. If playing a male character Veronica will also state: “This is as close as I get until you turn into a leggy brunette.” How awesome is that? On a side note of geek girl awesome, Veronica is also voiced by none other than Felicia Day.

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10 Responses to “Fallout New Vegas lesbian Veronica Santangelo voiced by Felicia Day”

  1. W says:

    Yeah, I ditched my first follower as soon as I found her. Unfortunately the relationship doesn’t go any further than helping each other out … I would have really liked to see some romance options, though I didn’t expect them from a Fallout title.

  2. Akira says:

    I must say Bethesda has grabbed my attention with their attention to gays in general with Fallout: New Vegas. Not only is there a gay male companion (Arcade), the lesbian companion (Veronica), and bisexual companion (Cass), but there are also many gays and lesbians throughout the wasteland that you’ll talk to as you go.

    One of the more interesting things is that they bring attention to relevant issues like the Dont ask, Don’t tell policy in the military. You’ll notice there are several gays and lesbians you speak to who are with the NCR, but have had issues because the NCR isn’t as open to… “Friendships” as they put it. Bethesda also added a perk similar to the Lady Killer perk for same genders. So, if you’re female it’s called like Cherchez la femme or something and if you’re male, you can be a Confirmed Bachelor.

    Anyway, hopefully this encourages some people to check it out. :)

  3. scar says:

    You know what this bombed-out, radiated waste land need? Some SERIOUS LOVE man! ‘cos Luv is 2 Damn Scarce! You hear dat, Bethesda?!

  4. ami says:

    “I must say Bethesda has grabbed my attention with their attention to gays in general with Fallout: New Vegas.”

    Except it wasn’t made by Bethesda, but Obsidian (in which there are some remnants of Black Isle, original creator of Fallouts).

    BTW, in Fallout 2 (it was 1998 people!) you could have gay or lesbian marriage, and tons of lesbian flirts and sex.

  5. Kreigen says:

    Ah, this is awesome! Makes me want New Vegas even more than I already currenly do…

    Like all the inclusive extrea bits and bobs, makes you feel wanted :) cheers Bethesda!

  6. Cole says:

    If you guys are lookin for a little romance i know for a fact that there is a girl in the gommarah court yard(the casino) who will oblige.

  7. BeamMeUp says:

    @Akira, Cass isn’t a bisexual, she just isn’t prejudice or homophobic. She sometimes gets so drunk that she could wake up next to anyone, even another woman, not that she is willing to sleep with anybody. She just assumes that the female Courier is straight, so she says that in her defense.

  8. scar says:

    Fallout 2? Really? When I get some free time I gotta check that out too then. I got a huge list of to-play games since I wasn’t a dedicated, hard core gamer, and missed out on all the classics.

  9. Rt says:

    Veronica can kick some serious butt in close combat and she looks great in metal armor. She also voices some interesting opinions….

    Playing a female character in New Vegas with the “Black Widow” perk, I had fun with Benny in the dark…before I strangled him to pick up the Platinum chip.

  10. OMG? says:

    Arcade is Gay? And I just found out that the girl that Veronica was in love with is actually Christine from the DLC Dead Money because she was part of the brotherhood of steel and well yeah the wiki also explains it o.O and Im not sure if you can bring Veronica to Sierra Madre but at least try you may find out something.

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