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Xbox Live gamer suspended for saying he lives in Fort Gay

Xbox Live gamer suspended for saying he lives in Fort Gay

That’s Fort Gay, which is a real town in West Virginia. The gamer, 26 year old Josh Moore, not gay himself, just innocently put he lived in Fort Gay and before he knew it had his account suspended. Moore contact Microsoft Xbox ‘customer services’ to explain he really did live in Fort Gay and the helpful Representative should just Google the postcode which Moore supplied, customer support replied with “I can’t help you”.

Moore stated he was angry and although not being gay himself felt that Microsoft were definitely discriminating. Moore said he was met with non help and even a warning that if he replaced the information in his bio his account would be canceled and Microsoft would keep his monthly fee.

As usual Microsoft have downplayed the situation, saying it’s just a miscommunication and that they will contact Moore to apologize.

Now rather than having a knee jerk reaction to this story, we at lesbian gamers actually think what MS have stated is true. Someone complained about Moore having “Fort Gay WV” in his bio, it was then passed onto a representative and dealt with in the usual MS manner. The problem with MS reps however is that they follow a strict code and don’t deviate from that, it’s almost like they’re reading from a script. I myself have almost been in tears on the phone to MS because their ‘reps’ offer NO help and merely keep you on the phone reading from a set script. I think perhaps this is what Microsoft should look at next.

These reps are meant to represent the company and offer ‘service’ and ‘help’ but more often than not you end up having a one sided non helpful conversation that gains no useful outcome, as is the case here. A quick check would have noted the term Fort Gay was in fact a real place and a quick “sorry sir I see YOU are right, sorry for the inconvenience” could have been issued and this wouldn’t even be in the news right now, making Microsoft look – once again – like they’re somewhat homophobic. They REALLY need to look at the way their customer service is run.

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  1. Celtia says:

    I…think all I can say is “ouch” about Microsoft’s handling of that. Geez, seems every large computing-based coorporation have one thing in common: terribly beaurocratic management systems and failing customer support.

  2. F Machine says:

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