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Myka Bering and HG Wells lesbian subtext in Warehouse 13

Myka Bering and HG Wells lesbian subtext in Warehouse 13

Who else is loving the lesbian subtext between Myka Bering and the female HG Wells in SyFy’s show Warehouse 13? The character of HG was interesting from the get go and without giving away major spoilers has definitely ingrained herself into the show in a major way. Gamers too must have howled with glee during her big reveal in the Egyptian episode, absolute class. Myka and Helena (HG) definitely have ‘something’ between them and HG’s recent quip that “many of my lovers were men” only pegged home the fact she has definitely had female lovers. It’s doubtful SyFy would ever go there, which sucks, but they don’t have to, with fanfic and videos cropping up all over the internet. Who else loves Myka and HG Wells?

Via [GirlyGamer].

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4 Responses to “Myka Bering and HG Wells lesbian subtext in Warehouse 13”

  1. Dplay says:

    They do look great together, but don’t forget the show’s baby dyke, Claudia. She need to get out of the office more often,

  2. Goggles says:

    I was so disappointed at the season final.

  3. Fishinggurl says:

    The subtext between them is delightful. Many of the fan fictions that have been written about two are quite good.

  4. robyn says:

    Si vous regarder bien l’épisode 11, lorsqu’Helena efface et stocks ses souvenirs dans la pièce de Janus, au moments ou elle pense a ses amours on aperçoit myka dans la pièce. Regarder bien dans l’épisode 11 a 22m15s. ça se déroule très vite mais avec de la patience vous la verrais.

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