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Gay Girls Who Game – Season Four Episode Six – Mafia II

Gay Girls Who Game – Season Four Episode Six – Mafia II

This week Gay Girls Who Game show off their self-proclaimed terrible Italian accents in their review of Mafia 2 on the Xbox 360. They discuss the game in detail and explain why it’s a GTA fans dream. Needless to say as well as getting all Mafioso there is also the usual viewer feedback along with general gaming banter.

You can leave comments here, or over at AfterEllen.

Note: We have been informed by After Ellen that videos will now be region locked at their site (found out Nov 5 2010) …. “When we put videos into our own player, which is what will soon be happening with all of our vlogs, they are region locked. It’s an unfortunate thing, true of all videos on Elton, Logo, etc. We can’t do anything about it”.

This is why we are now paying for a Vimeo account. Hopefully this will help with all the issues people have tweeted and emailed us about. We are also working at backdating as many vlogs as we can for stable, non region locked viewing. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this should fix it for you.

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  1. ufos_are_real says:

    yayyyyyy!! I finally get to see this episode : )

    Thanks for the heads up that this was here Angela, it would have been a tragedy if I had missed out on your Mafia accents and the man with the crabapple face song lol

    I must say once again that I love your dogs and the sneeze was so cute. It’s a darn good thing you guys live in Australia though because I’m quite certain you would loose your fluffy little white dogs in the snow during the winter 😉

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