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Gay Girls Who Game – Season Four Episode Four – Puzzle Quest 2 and FIFA 2010

Gay Girls Who Game – Season Four Episode Four – Puzzle Quest 2 and FIFA 2010

Wow had a bit of trouble finding Gay Girls Who Game at AfterEllen today, sorry it’s late! Better late than never. Right this is Season 4 Episode 4 of Gay Girls Who Game. This week our intrepid hosts – foolishly – decide to take the viewers with them ‘outside’ with fairly disastrous results in the audio department. Still you will get the usual viewer feedback and reviews of FIFA 2010 World Cup and Puzzle Quest 2 for Xbox, along with general gaming banter.

You can leave comments here, or over at the rather nice spangly new look AfterEllen.

Looks like Firefox isn’t a fan if you’re having trouble playing the video. Try a different browser. Sorry guys.

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Gay Girls Who Game S04E04 - Lets go outside from Lesbian Gamers on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to “Gay Girls Who Game – Season Four Episode Four – Puzzle Quest 2 and FIFA 2010”

  1. spotticus says:

    Bummer, can’t get the vid to play in IE or firefox, either here or After Ellen. Funny, it opened here in firefox this morning, but I didn’t watch because I had to get to work. All I got to see was the first minute with the cool spinny hangy chairs. And tell Trish over at AE to put back a link in the video section for GGWG. New site may be all spangly, but it was a beyotch to navigate to this vid (that won’t play for me). Guess I will try again tomorrow.

    cheers ladies!

  2. TheLezBean says:

    What the fuck? Why has After Ellen taken you guys off the video section? I couldn’t find your show at After Ellen so I had to come here and then it’s not working anyway! Shouldn’t you be listed in the VIDEO section at AE? Why aren’t you?

    No point putting up a new look site if the navigation is worse than it was. I’ll try again later also.

  3. jess says:

    ae fail I like the old site better, your gaming show isn’t the only thing i can’t find over there now. i wish sarah was still there then this probably would not have happened :(

  4. Karen says:

    The new After Ellen site has some nice new features, though I couldn’t find you guys either, even searching just brought things up out of order. This is a shame given how long you have been there, but I assume it is to do with MTV or whoever runs them now SW is gone. Forget the little people who helped build it up, it seems the ones in the video section are a certain clique, assuming it isn’t randomised.

    The vlog here worked for me the second time I tried, but not the first and that was in the same browser, so it is definitely acting in a peculiar manner.

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