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Ugh! Commodore Amiga copter / taxi game by Egosoft

Ugh! Commodore Amiga copter / taxi game by Egosoft

Thinking back to some sweet Amiga games today and one title sprung to mind, Ugh! by Egosoft, published by Play Byte way back in 1992. At its core Ugh! was a space taxi game wherein the player would fly a copter cab and pick up cavemen / cavewomen and drop them at their preferred destinations. The story starts with our hero needing money for his girlfriend (yawn but this was 1992) so he invents the copter taxi to make some cash. Ugh! featured almost 70 levels of caveman copter madness, with rising waters and increasing difficulty. It was an awesome game that featured pedal powered caveman goodness. I’ll pop a video below for those who want to check out the gameplay style of this great game. That’s all for this Hasbian Retro Rehash, we’ll be back soon with some more retro gaming goodness.

Tied in with our earlier post today (coincidentally) another caveman copter title: Landit Bandit.

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