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E3 Sony Press Conference Rundown 2010 including 3D games coverage

E3 Sony Press Conference Rundown 2010 including 3D games coverage

Hi guys sorry this has taken a little longer to get to you Miss Ann Thropic was off torturing young children somewhere and unable to get her thoughts down yesterday. Still we’re here today to run you through what we thought of the Sony Press Conference at E3 2010.

After a lengthy, loud intro featuring a plethora of Sony goodness on the big screens it’s time to starts as Jack Tretton takes to the stage. He takes mere moments to take a swipe at Microsoft. Looks like Sony are back again taking digs at the opposition, just get on with it. He’s waffling on about how PS3 is awesome, the only console with bluray, built in wifi etc. And all those ‘unrivaled gaming experiences’. He brings out Kaz Hirai.

  • Miss Ann Thropic: I f_cking hate Sony when they do these unprofessional swipes at their competitors, it’s uncalled for and makes me view them in poor light. Ironic really isn’t it bitches?

Hirai is talking innovation and content and how they’re taking those to a completely new level. With Sony being the undisputed leader in 3D. Sony drove the world to bluray and they’re now ready to do the same for 3D. 20 titles coming natively in 3D by March next year. 2010 will be thought of as the year Sony brought 3D to the industry. Another slight dig at Nintendo this time and Hermen Hulst takes to the stage to show Killzone 3 in 3D. The producer takes to the stage, everyone puts their glasses on and it’s 3D time and it looks fantastic. It will be released February 2011 exclusively on PS3. It will be compatible with Move at launch also. Non 3D trailer below for you:

  • Miss Ann Thropic: It looks good and 3D is clearly where Sony are pushing things so people will buy their Bravia TVs thus pumping more money into the Sony coffers. A smart business move and regardless of the haters, this will work. Content will drive expenditure.

Kaz is back and talking content driving the 3D push. PS3 the only platform with native 3D gaming. The Sly Collection and Gran Turismo 5 are also coming in 3D. Crisis 2 from EA, Mortal Combat, Shaun White, Ghost Recon, Tron and NBA 2K11 will all be in 3D. Time for another 3D video. Glasses back on and it’s time for a montage of 3D madness, Motorstorm, EyePet, MLB The Show, The Fight, Killzone 3, tumble, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Gran Turismo 5, The Sly Collection. Despite the “these glasses are shit” mindset of the crowd, they’re all pretty impressed.

  • Miss Ann Thropic: I wish all these dumb c**** that go on and on about how stupid the glasses are would shut the f_ck up seriously. These are probably the same people who wear sunglasses in shopping malls and think that’s cool. The glasses are part of the package for the tech level we’re presently at, deal with it.

Tretton is back talking up the Playstation brand and sales figures. He moves onto talking up the Playstation Move and introduces Peter Dille to also talk up Move. He’s talking how amazing the 1:1 tracking is. It’s “unrivaled precision”. Another veiled dig at Microsoft and Nintendo. A clip of various devs talking about how amazing the Playstation Move is follows. Dille thanks their “development partners” and talks about how important ‘buttons’ are (yes, another dig at Kinect). Time for some new games … he intros Christian Busic to talk Sorcery. He talks up the Playstation Move before starting a demo, it looks really nice (released Spring 2011).

  • Miss Ann Thropic: And tabletop RPG geeks everywhere let out a squeal of delight at the ability to ‘actually’ cast a fireball. It looks okay, but I have one nagging thing pecking at my brain: “Folklore” what a f_cking shambles that ‘great’ game turned out to be.

Dille is back again waffling Sorcery and how once again he needs to point out you wont find anything like it on any other platform. He intros Andrew Wilson to talk Tiger Woods PGA Tour. He kind of kills his own point with the 1:1 movement thing since he’s been golfing for 20 years and fluffs the first shot. That said, it is pretty impressive, if you like golf games and golfing this is for you.

  • Miss Ann Thropic: All hail Tiger, what a wonderful human being and great pinup boy for golf, the cheating sack of shit.

Peter Dille returns to introduce Heroes on the Move (working title). Check out the trailer below, this looks amazing if you love these characters, nice to see them all together in one place.

  • Miss Ann Thropic: Got to disagree with you here LG, this looks like a cashcow, I can hear the mooing all the way over here and I think I just stepped in some brightly colored manure.

Playstation Move and Coca Cola are doing a partnership later this year, a huge brand partnership between the two. The crowd suddenly goes wild as Kevin Butler takes to the stage, this guy is such a joker and he has the awesome smart ass TV cop voice / face, it’s a shame he immediately uses it to completely bag Microsoft.. Sony Fail. He pulls it back talking how much he loves gaming with various amusing quips, though some slightly cutting out the female gamer. The crowd laps it up though.
Dille returns with Move release dates: Sept 15 Europe and Sept 19 US . Pack info consists of: PlayStation Move Controller: $49.99, Navigation Controller: $29.99, PlayStation Move Sports Champions Bundle: $99.99 and PS3 Sports Champions Move Bundle: $399.99.

Jack Tretton is back talking about the digital living room. Then onto the PSP and the Step Up Your Game Campaign. Again though Sony can’t help but slate other platforms, this time it’s the iPhone. The downside of this campaign would seem to be that there’s no female gamer content… hopefully that will come in future promos.

Time to talk exclusive PSP titles. one of which is God of War Ghost of Sparta, teaser below:

It seems the PSP death everyone has been banging on about isn’t in the eyes of Sony, with them really pushing over 70 new PSP titles:

  • Miss Ann Thropic: I don’t give a rats ass for the PSP, never have. I feel like if I want to play a full blown game as suggested by the mini ‘gangsta’ in the promo I’d play it on the big screen in comfort, not on the bus on my way to work with some old battle-axe looking at me like I’m the biggest piece of shit on gods green earth.

More talk now about how great the Playstation is and Playstation Home. If you can’t be at E3 you can visit the Sony booth on Playstation Home. Next it’s talking up Little Big Planet and Mod Nation Racers. Alex Evans from Media Molecule takes to the stage to talk Little Big Planet 2. The game stays true to the ethos of Play, Create and Share. The breadth of LBP2 certainly does look amazing.

  • Miss Ann Thropic: Media Molecule impress me, it’s a shame they totally sold out to Sony, imagine the shit these guys and gals could do if they were less constrained.

More Sony waffle now from Tretton, another Microsoft dig this time with having to pay for Xbox Live, then ironically Tretton talks Playstation Plus, so now Sony are charging you too, but they’re doing you a favor because you’ll get loads of ‘free’ games, discounts and other cool stuff. It will enable you to get more from Playstation – 50 bucks for a 12 month period. They are offering plenty of ‘free’ stuff, but you’ll only own it for the duration of your subscription.

  • Miss Ann Thropic: Right, so you delete all the shit I bought when I decide not to continue paying? Like that ethos would work in ANY other arena. Hey Ann here’s your coffee, I know you’re in a rush and you paid for it, but if you leave the store I’ll have to come get the coffee from you. Hey Ann you know that TV you bought last year, the extended warranty you bought for it runs out tomorrow and if you don’t renew it I’m afraid we’ll have to come take your TV.

Electronic Arts is next up, to talk what’s coming up from them, Tretton intros John Schapert to the stage. He’s talking two new titles just for the PS3, the first is Medal of Honor and exec producer Greg Goodrich is there to talk the game. It’s a truly authentic modern war experience (other than the actual danger). A trailer is played (October 12, 2010 is the release):

  • Miss Ann Thropic: Amusing you picked up on the same thing I did… this isn’t ANYTHING like actual war you f_cking bozos, why don’t you head over to where our boys and gals are in the fucking dust with IED’s going off in their faces then talk how realistic sitting on your couch, with coke, pizza and a big screen TV is you f_cking monkeys. Yeah, other than that though, this looks good, but still no female combatants.

Goodrich then shows a new multi player map by developer DICE who are doing all the multi-player for the Medal of Honor game. There will be a limited edition released with a remastered edition of Medal of Honor Front Line.

Dead Space 2 is up next with exec producer Steve Papoutsis. He plays a demo showing Isaac in all sorts of trouble. It too gets a limited edition also.

Awesome, GLaDOS speaks and Portal 2 is on the big screens and Gabe Newell takes to the stage. He makes a quip about how Sony haven’t repeatedly punched him in the face (given some comments he’s made recently). He’s talking about giving gamers a complete social connected experience and how the PS3 will be getting Portal 2. How it will be the best version on any console. He then shows a trailer:

  • Miss Ann Thropic: Did anyone else’s admiration of the lumbering but ultra cool Gabe Newell drop sharply when he started kissing Sony’s ass after saying what a total piece of shit the PS3 is and changing that to it’s the best platform in the universe? I felt betrayed.

Gabe leaves the stage and a brief video for Final Fantasy 14 is up next:

Wow we’re really skipping through the games now, it’s straight onto Mafia II, and from that, directly to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. The latter will have multiplayer and the beta will be exclusive to PSN later this year. A trailer follows:

  • Miss Ann Thropic: I want the sisterhood you f_cking f_cks!

A quick video showcasing the biggest titles coming to PS3, these are essentially a lot of games that weren’t covered in any great depth during the conference, mixed in with some that were:

Next up it’s a trailer for Polyphony’s “masterpiece” Gran Tourismo 5, needless to say it looks fantastic (November 2 1010 is the date of release for the US).

  • Miss Ann Thropic: Forza Forza Forza… oh wait, wrong game.

Tretton talks inFamous 2 and yet another trailer begins, wow they are really knocking them out now, release is just 2011.

Onto the homestretch and there’s “one last surprise”:

David Jaffe and Scott Campbell are on stage with a big guy in a clown mask (Sweet tooth) and ice-cream truck, it’s time for some more info and a quick look at some gameplay from online deathmatch mode and also another game mode “nuke”.

  • Miss Ann Thropic: Twisted Metal is their lead out title, that’s the way they end their conference, Twisted Metal? Seriously. Did someone have a Stephen Sondheim dream…. Send in the clowns… isn’t it rich? Isn’t it QUEER. Personally I never got the Twisted Metal franchise, I thought it was a bit shit, but if fat skinhead clown gimps is your thing, I’m not gonna judge.

Tretton is back for the summing up. He says he’s looking forward to writing a whole new chapter and that folks is all she wrote.

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