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GodFinger for iPad Full Written Review

GodFinger for iPad Full Written Review

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GodFinger is a god game by Ngmoco available for iPad. GodFinger is a sneaky little devil because it’s “free” to download, but falls into the category of those games that lure you in and offer you microtransactions in game to make your gaming experience more fun (like Farmville for example).

Godfinger sees you as god over a small planet where you look after your inhabitants, control the weather, terraform and make money to upgrade buildings and purchase other items to make your peoples lives that little bit better.

The graphical style of GodFinger on the iPad is 2D cartoon style. Inhabitants are male and female and vary slightly with regards to clothing and hairstyles, even facial hair. The planet itself is also a 2D world seen in cross section format with the ability to pinch in and out. Overall the graphical style of GodFinger suits a game that whilst being fun, is also quite 2 dimensional in nature.

Gameplay in GodFinger – as just touched upon – is a fairly limited affair. Touch an inhabitant, drop them where needed, touch and hold a cloud to make it rain, drag the cloud to where you need it. Tap the store to purchase an item, rotate the world and tap again to drop it. This simplicity is both what makes GodFinger such a fantastic iPad game, but also something many are going to see as its downfall.

The overall goal in GodFinger it so make your planet bigger, your followers more in number and your wealth more by accruing the previous. More followers means more money and more money means you can then purchase new items from the store. Followers will accrue you monetary wealth as well as the mana needed to control the weather and other aspects of the game. It all sounds fairly deep, but it isn’t, this is God gaming at its most simple.

Given the microtransaction basis of GodFinger, you can of course skip the hard work and merely use actual cash to purchase in game money, thus making your Godlike powers instantly accessible as you purchase new buildings, mana and the like. This sort of shortcut is of course nowhere near as much fun as trying to make it on your own as it were.

Sound in GodfFinger on the iPad seems to be there as ambiance as opposed to a full game soundtrack. There is no real music to speak of, but the sighs and little noises of followers, coupled with some nature sounds get across just enough audible stimuli to make the game seem even cuter.

GodFinger also features a little bit of social fun by allowing friends who are also playing it to visit your planet and vice verse. You can add a friends planet to your own little solar system, visit them and even enchant one of their followers so they accrue money for you also. A cute little mailbox system lets you know when friends have sent you gifts. This is where you can truly see the immense game ngcomo could have made, a sort of Animal Crossing styled God game, with these social aspects. Sadly though this just isn’t that in-depth.

All in all GodFinger is a great little game, but not one the gamer will play for long periods. This is a simple check in every few hours for a few minutes type of game. The user interface of GodFinger is great and the game itself is so easy to get to grips with even a child could play it. On the downside ngcomo had to make their money somehow and this comes in the form of some in game adverts (on planets in your system from time to time) and of course those dastardly microtransactions that you may be fooled into making. They also want you to get your friends to play, thus accruing more gamers for them on the Plus+ network.

If you want a simple repetitive God game that you need only play a couple of minutes at a time, GodFinger is going to make you very happy indeed. Whilst not a brilliant title, GodFinger is free and one of very few God games available for iPad (at time of writing). Why not download it, just to see if you like it.

U-Haul Rating
It’s ‘Freemium’ content, which means the game is free to download and will only cost you money if you weaken and go for those microtransactions. You don’t need to do that though, so why not move it on in just to see if you like living with it, then kick it out if you don’t.

GodFinger gets the Papi L Word rating, partly because of its name, which apparently Papi had some of that going for her, but also because it’s not for everyone, those it does hookup with though will either find the experience great, or very shallow indeed.

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  1. Thefremen says:

    GOOOOOODFINGAR. IDK for some reason that’s the first thing that came to mind. “Oh, it’s like that James Bond film.”

  2. epic kid says:

    Wow this game is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ace says:

    Ive been looking for more lesbian gamers.. would feel good to play with more of my own kind. Hit me up
    amazin ace89

  4. CptKamikaze says:

    I used to play this when my partner had her iPod Touch. Honestly, I just liked throwing the little people xD. Oh! Zombie Farm was great too lol.

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