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Solar Walk – iPad App Review

Solar Walk – iPad App Review

If you’re a fan of astronomy, you’ve probably already picked up Star Walk for your iPad, a wonderful augmented reality application that shows you the heavens on the screen, along with a lot of information.

The follow-up app by Vito Technology is Solar Walk, which unsurprisingly takes a look at the planets in our solar system. A fantastic education tool, Solar Walk features detailed graphics, loads of information on whatever planet you’re interested in and a neat clock feature that shows planetary rotation.

Navigation in Solar Walk is simple on the iPad, merely use pinch to zoom in and out, tap planets of interest and hit the “i” button for a detailed view of internal structure, size, planet name origin and loads of other information.

The soundtrack to Solar Walk is reminiscent of the music played during a savasana in a yoga class, relaxing new age tunes that lend themselves to a relaxing trek through the heavens.

Solar Walk could do with a few additions, but as a stand alone educational application, this isn’t too bad and at around $3.00 USD that’s a pretty good price to pay for a nice looking app with great educational value. If you fancy taking a virtual tour around the planets, this is the app for you.

Oh on a side note and for those astronomy fans who may be wondering, de-registered planet Pluto (now a Plutoid not a planet) is sadly absent.

U-Haul Review Status:
At $3, if you love astronomy why not move it on in.


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