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Rhona Mitra is a vampire housewife in ABC’s The Gates coming June

Rhona Mitra is a vampire housewife in ABC’s The Gates coming June

I’m a Rhona Mitra fangirl, there I said it. Needless to say the thought of Mitra playing another supernatural role – like she did in the last Underworld film – fills me with glee, so I’m a bit excited by ABC’s upcoming series The Gates. If you don’t want to know a little casting info prior to watching this cool promo trailer, you might not want to read on, since I’m giving away the original casting sheet for the main characters (some may have changed though unlikely).

The Gates is being touted as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Depserate Housewives” and follows the story of a cop and his family moving from a Chicago precinct to The Gates.

First up – and most importantly – we have Claire (played by Rhona Mitra). She’s a devoted wife and mom, she’s kind of the cookie baking Bree Van de Kamp character, but imagine Bree trying to fight off her [un]natural vampire urges, that’s Claire’s problem.

We’ve then got Dylan (played by Luke Mably), he’s married to the delectable Claire and dad to their adopted daughter. Sounds like there’s not much supernatural about him, well other than he’s married to a gorgeous vampire!

Meet Brett (played by Colton Haynes). He’s a dichotomy of the ‘jock’ because he’s not only linebacker of the football team, he’s also really smart. Oh he also has anger issues, which is a bit of a downer because dude is a werewolf.

Well hello Devon (played by Chandra West), she’s another hot resident who also happens to be a witch and not a white one by the sounds of it. She’s a bit of a power mad type and she knows everyone in The Gates. She’s also great at being a charmer, so it’s easy for her to woo people.

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Actress Janina Gavankar has a role in The Gates. She played Papi in The L Word. She’ll apparently be playing a cop with a dark past… oooooh.

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