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Lips: Party Classics – Full Written Review

Lips: Party Classics – Full Written Review

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“And so you’re back… from outer space…. I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face”… who doesn’t love those lyrics and if you feel like singing them at the top of your lungs at home, check out the new version of Lips on Xbox 360.

Lips: Party Classics is the latest release in Microsoft’s competitor for Singstar and it has plenty to keep karaoke lovers entertained. As always, the game sticks to its roots with good songs, easy gameplay, achievements aplenty and maximum fun. This release is almost an add-on to the original game and is available at a lower price with an extra 40 songs so that people who want to sing familiar favorites can choose from songs by people such as Tiffany, Tom Jones, Gloria Gaynor, B52s and more.

The title is very similar to the original release, with the ability to play through a career mode type set-up where you rank up the more you play. There’s also a bunch of multiplayer options including the now familiar mini-games, although in fairness most people will probably ignore those for the more straightforward singing parts of the title.

There are some new additions to this outing of Lips including a return for the mic tutorial so that you can synch up those awesome wireless mics more easily. You can still continue to sing along to your own tracks that you’ve ripped onto your 360, which is a lot of fun, but with so many great songs, you might take a while to get there. One area that’s been removed from the original game is the Jukebox option which doesn’t really matter since you can build your own playlists straight from the menu to create a party mix.

One of the best functions in the new Lips Party Classics title is that you can arrange the songs based on either artist, song or disc. This is good if you just want to see what the new disc offers, as sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which songs are from which version of the game. At times the loading screens can be a little slow, especially if you’re connecting up with the server to upload your score, but it’s nothing that ruins the game.

Another good aspect of Lips Party Classics is that like other Lips titles, you can obtain a lot of achievements through playing and can check and see how well your friends are doing on the same songs. It also pits you against everyone else in the world who are playing Lips, so don’t be too disappointed if you score a million points and then see someone else has scored over eleven million points. On the upside, leveling up, collecting achievements and ranking in the top 1000 in the world all make the game a ton of fun.

Overall, Lips: Party Classics is a good addition to the Lips family and will bump up your Lips numbers with another 40 tracks. The downside is that you need to continue to swap discs if you want to play songs from a previous game, and hopefully this is something that will be improved upon as the Lips franchise continues to grow. Although not quite at Singstar standards yet in terms of popularity, Lips is a solid karaoke game for 360 and is actually in many ways more enjoyable to play than Singstar due to the achievements and other prizes you can win. If you’re looking for some more singing in your life, you could do far worse than checking out this title.

U-Haul Review Status:
If you saw Lips: Party Hits down at the local lesbian bar you’d think it looked like fun, had a lot to give and might bring you out of your shell a little. If this sounds like the sort of thing you’d like, why not hire that U-Haul and move it on in.

Lips: Party Classics has to get the hash cookie party L Word rating. There was singing, dancing and people making absolute asses of themselves…. but no one cared because they were all having so much fun!

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