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Lesbian superhero Batwoman gets own series

Lesbian superhero Batwoman gets own series

DC comics has announced openly lesbian superhero character Batwoman (and of course her alter ego Kathy Kane) will be getting her own comic book series. She’s the first openly lesbian superhero in an ongoing series, so this is fairly big news in the geek realm. DC Comics executive editor Dan Didio stated they “had some negativity at the early stages when we first introduced her, but people have really embraced the character over the past three years.” adding “I’d like to think of it as not a big step, but really something that’s well deserved.” The series will begin later this year, so it might be time to check out some back issues.

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  1. Bidden-Oblivion says:

    Sweet. I’ve only caught on to Kate Kane in the last few months but I love her. And Renee Montoya.

  2. SMarie says:

    I absolutely love comics!! There is a comic called Angelus which features Danielle Baptiste who may have a lesbian relationship with a character by the name of Finch. Dani is reluctant to define what type of relationship they have. It’s an awesome comic regardless of Dani’s sexuality. If you’re familiar with Witchblade, Angelus and The Darkness created the Witchblade, so to speak. Issue #3 is the most recent. I definitely recommend checking it out!

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