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Homophobia in Virtual Communities according to Psychology Today

Homophobia in Virtual Communities according to Psychology Today

Tina Indalecio has written an interesting article over at Psychology Today titled “Homophobia in Virtual Communities” subheading “Hate is Hate, regardless of the environment”. If you enjoy reading what is essentially an academic essay, you’ll find this engaging because it features all the markers, including justification via previous research and statistical data results. Interestingly she ends the article by noting there are few write-ups on the impact of virtual prejudice on the player themselves. This got me thinking, the fact there is little prior research makes this both an interesting topic for anyone studying sociology, psychology or social justice topics, but also a difficult one. I guess if you’re looking for something to write about that may garner lecturer interest, you may have just found it. Whilst Indalecio’s article in itself does little to form a solution to the issue, it is thought provoking and that’s why we’re highlighting it in our Article Shout Out section.

We’ve also included the video clip used in the article, though it’s a little dated now given those changes have been made to XBL.

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