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Accidental nudity glitch in Heavy Rain sees Madison Paige naked and wandering

Accidental nudity glitch in Heavy Rain sees Madison Paige naked and wandering

Don’t you love the term “accidental glitch”? I wonder if we did a statistical study as to any ‘accidental’ nudity glitches in video games, how many would be female and how many would be male? In Heavy Rain a gamer states after he saved and returned to the game, character Madison Paige was naked, he made a video and Kotaku ran with it (of course) stating “be thankful the glitch affects Madison, and not someone else. Like Scott.” Oh yes, how awful that would be to the straight male gaze of certain gamers, a naked man infected my video game MY EYES MY EYES! One has to wonder as to the ‘accidental’ nature of these ‘glitches’, I mean really, if it’s accidental, meaning something happening by chance, then surely there should be an equal chance of it happening to other characters too? Shame there isn’t a glitch where Madison Paige is ‘accidentally’ a lesbian and ‘accidentally’ has a good story in game, rather than once more being denigrated down to the lowest common denominator.

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13 Responses to “Accidental nudity glitch in Heavy Rain sees Madison Paige naked and wandering”

  1. Sean says:

    Gee, sure is misandric in here…

    As a man, I couldn’t care less about this ‘glitch’, since I’m not a big fan of the uncanny valley (no pun intended), not to mention that this game is the most overhyped rubbish I’ve seen in years.

    Besides, can’t we all agree that none of us – gay woman or straight man – would particularly want to see a CGI penis flapping about. The male genitalia isn’t exactly an aesthetic masterpiece.:D

  2. There was no misandry meant, so if it read that way I’ll clarify. The main point of the post was that is seems odd these are labeled “accidental” given it seems to always be the female character it happens to.

    As for male anatomy… we’re all for equality ;op

  3. Sean says:

    I understand.:) If I seemed adversarial in my last post, I apologise. Wasn’t in a good place yesterday.:/

    and I agree. Seems a little too frequent to be an accident. Just another publicity stunt for a mediocre game.

  4. @Sean
    That’s okay, we get a fair few people assuming we hate men or we’re die hard feminists. We don’t hate men of course and we’re not even overly feminist, but they love throwing that around. Thanks for the apology, we all have rubbish days, hopefully you’re having a better one today.

    So you really didn’t like Heavy Rain? Without giving away spoilers, what was it you didn’t like?

  5. TMM1985 says:

    As soon as a woman states discontent at pretty much anything people throw those terms around.

    Heavy Rain:- I liked it, but it’s not one for people who enjoy the fast and frantic.

    Nudity “glitch” please, it’s not a glitch, it’s in the code someplace and it’s there so boys can giggle about it. I’m a man and find this sort of thing brings our hobby into a dark place and feeds the anti gamer brigade.

  6. Sean says:

    I know, there’s a lot of misunderstanding in that field. But I’m old enough to know that such a thing is not the case. I have many gay friends, male and female.:)

    At the risk of sounding hypocritical, I have not played the game, at least not yet. I have read up on as much as I can about it in terms of graphics and gameplay, however. From what I can gather, it seems that the player has little real control over the characters, save for pressing a button at the appropriate time. It just seems an awful waste, I would expect more of a gaming experience.

  7. @TMM
    I think you might be onto something.

    Did you play Quantic Dream’s previous title Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy)? It featured a lot of QTE’s but was still a fantastic game. I’m interested to see if Heavy Rain can manage this again.

  8. fionafitz82 says:

    For what it’s worth, even though it is slow, Heavy Rain can be quite intriguing. But, you do have to have patience. The tone is very noirish and moves at that slow, mysterious pace.

    A bunch of friends and I gather to play it together over cocktails.

    It’s worth giving a chance, although haven’t stumbled upon any nudity, yet. ;)

    Lavender Line

  9. Doogle says:

    @sean I really think you should give the game a go, well i say “game” but i see it more as an interactive movie. yes the gameplay is simple but this is one of the few games that doesn’t rely on button bashing and using repetitive combos. It a really well put together piece of media and i think the main selling point of it was the graphics and the immersive storyline, let alone the fact that you shape the story as you go.

    In regards to the “nude glitch”, unfortunately a lot of games have the male variety of us as their target market and i think Sean could be right in saying that its an advertisement to entice a few more people to buy the game. Saying that, i was quite happy to see some female nudity, but thats just my preference.

  10. Silveressa says:

    It’s hard to say if these “glitches” are indeed deliberate or not given the mess gta’s “hot coffee glitch” caused their sales department and the recalls/altered version etc..

    My take on it the programmers (whom are mostly male) very likely added in such “glitches” for their own private “amusement/entertainment” and then never removed them for whatever reason.

    Still though as far as nude males glitches go, unless the resolution was extremely high, or the male bits extremely large, the end result would probably be rather boorish to look at regardless of ones preferences.

  11. “”Shame there isn’t a glitch where Madison Paige is ‘accidentally’ a lesbian and ‘accidentally’ has a good story in game, rather than once more being denigrated down to the lowest common denominator.”"

    Too true. I enjoyed Madison’s role in most of the game (upstairs at the nightclub…yessss :) ), liked Jacqui Ainsley’s likeness and Judi Beecher’s voice in bringing her to life, but David Cage really did not show an ability to write a part for a woman that was not totally dumb, and a cliche. She was a woman thrown in for the sake of having a woman (and a love interest, I guess, but yeech that was pretty crap).

  12. Not gonna say I wouldn’t enjoy this “glitch” though ;)

  13. beerdrinkingredneck says:

    I love this glitch! Too bad I didn’t encounter it.

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