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Microsoft unveil Windows Phone 7 Series

Microsoft unveil Windows Phone 7 Series

Hey gadget lovers, looks like Microsoft has finally gotten off its butt and released the long discussed – iPhone competitor – aka Windows Series 7 Phone operating system. I’ll pop the PR video below for those interested. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer let the cat out of the bag in a news conference at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. According to VP of the Windows Phone – Joe Belfiore – “every Windows Phone 7 series will be a Zune”. Kind of like every iPhone will be an iPod? Hmm, the similarities don’t stop there either. For gamers with an Xbox Live account, it’s pretty cool as it includes gamer profiles, avatars and allegedly games (similar to Zune games we assume). The Windows Phone 7 Series will be available “holiday season 2010”. You can check out the video below.

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