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Maggie Q cast as new La Femme Nikita

Maggie Q cast as new La Femme Nikita

You may remember we reported on the remake of La Femme Nikita a wee while back, well here we are with a bit of an update, the eponymous role of La Femme Nikita has been cast. The actress taking on the role is Maggie Q aka Maggie Quigley. In a video gaming connection keen eyed Need For Speeders may recognize ‘Q’ from Need for Speed: Undercover (2008) as Chase Linh. As far as acting roles go, it’s a mixed bag, that seems to have Q typecast in the “Asian” role. She also appeared in Die Hard 4, Mission Impossible III and more recently in New York, I Love You. I think it’s cool the role has gone to Maggie Q as it could have so easily been yet another tall, leggy, skinny ‘white’ girl. Lead female Asian ass kicker makes a nice change.

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