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Dragon Age comic released March the bad news is…

Dragon Age comic released March the bad news is…

…It features a story by one Orson Scott-Card. I thought we’d covered this is December, but can’t seem to find the post. Orson Scott Card wrote the story to the upcoming Dragon Age comic with artwork by Mark Robinson. There is definitely some odd irony in that given Scott Card’s alleged views toward homosexuals. Why on earth would they bring him in to write the story for a comic based on one of the few games to feature characters that can take part in homosexual relationships. So all those people who didn’t purchase “Shadow Complex” going to boycott the Dragon Age comic also? There’s been a bit of news going back and forth that the Dragon Age comic had its release pushed back to April, then BioWare tweeted that it was still on for March (just given it’s slated as March 31) and it seems like that’s still the release date for now. So who is buying it?

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2 Responses to “Dragon Age comic released March the bad news is…”

  1. Tabris Macbeth says:

    Gee, why would they hire a talented, award winning writer to WRITE SOMETHING?

    I don’t like Scott’s personal views either, but I’m a still a fantesy were good books. At least he’s not using every available opportunity to twist something to his agenda, get up on a soapbox, and tell people to judge works based on the personal opinions and beliefs of the creators and not the works themselves.

    Thanks for ruining what should have been the greatest site in the world, by the way.

  2. raychoa says:

    I don’t usually comment on other people commenting, particularly in a negative way, but Tabris girl, the only one on a soapbox here is you and what you’re saying makes zero sense.

    First having re-read the news piece, it seems the writer covered the facts, Card is an alleged homophobe. It is well known he personally funds the anti-gay marriage act. The piece also mentions what happened when Shadow Complex released and there was the boycott. From memory some people here scolded this site for covering the game. Now you’re here scolding for covering this comic?

    Your agenda is clear, trolling and it is people like you who destroy any gay community we might hope to be a part of, sites like lesbian gamers are a god send to those of us who want to read news that is relevant to us in the gay community.

    If you want to buy Cards stuff and line his pockets that’s your choice, if this site wants to cover a comic written by a known homophobe and mention that factoid in the post, that’s theirs. It’s people like you and card who make gay people feel uncomfortable. Well done you!

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