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Veronica Dare followup and debate

Veronica Dare followup and debate

Some of you may recall the irrational response my Halo: ODST article received, merely for suggesting the game had elements of sexism, mainly due to the treatment of specific character Veronica Dare. There was little in the followup comments that was thought provoking for me, just a bunch of boys screaming and yelling with hate and general abuse. This week however an article has gone up on HaloWiki by user Dragonclaws and it got me thinking. Firstly it got me thinking about how if someone actually sees what you’re saying as opposed to something they ‘think’ you’re saying it can only aid intelligent debate. It also got me thinking that perhaps I was slightly hasty in my own response to the game and its female ‘hero’.

Though the author – Dragonclaws – disagrees with majority of the article I penned, I enjoyed his article immensely, because rather than name calling and screaming, he’s put forth points as to why he believes some of my points were invalid and – surprise surprise – I agree with some of what he’s saying. We may not agree 100%, but that’s cool, because this has shown there is room for friendly debate here. As I stated in the original article I am – and always have been – a HUGE Halo fangirl, so it was disheartening to have people who love the same games be so hate-filled in response. The original article was never there to upset anyone.

I hope you’ll check out Ryan’s article: Examination of Female Characters in Halo Part 2. It’s well written and considers many points I myself had not and in a calm thought provoking manner. Bravo.

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