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No female Shepard action figure for us?

No female Shepard action figure for us?

This leaked image (courtesy GamerVision) of upcoming Mass Effect figures shows we’re once more being stiffed when it comes to choice, since it looks like we’re stuck with only a male Shepard (as with the larger statuette that was released). These are yet to be approved and there’s no word on any variants or second set, but we can hope at some point merchandising will realize if a game has a protagonist with gender choice, maybe releasing one of each version might be nice for those who wish to purchase the version they play in game (though obviously you’re never going to get the actual version since you choose their appearance). Don’t get us started on official screenshots, videos and wallpapers.

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2 Responses to “No female Shepard action figure for us?”

  1. ShiroiKiba says:

    Also he has to be white. -.-

  2. kayleigh says:

    They did that with the first game though it seemed as if there would be only a male but u got to choose female, so im assuming that is what is going to happen to the next one.

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