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Lesbian Gamers Forum Rules – Well more common sense pointers

Be Nice

Try not to be nasty for the sake of Mr Nasty. If someone pisses you off, try and remain calm, and not flame the crap out of them. If we get some real nasty jerk who is obviously a stirrer out to flame and troll, mods will deal the death blow, angry Bette Porter style.


Don’t over Quote… “Quote”… quote“quote”… quote

We ask this as we had a few emails when we had free forums that this was ruining the forum experience of some users. ONLY use quotes if it makes sense to do so, ie a chunk of text you wish to use as an example before in depth response, not merely boxes and boxes of quote followed by “yeah” or “lol”.

Also don’t quote someone only to nitpick through every detail of their post in an attempt to make them look foolish, all that proves is you have too much time on your hands.

Civility is key!


No “fluff” posts please

Fluff posts have been the bane of many forums and we don’t want them here. Fluff posts are posts with little or no value in thread. People generally use fluff posts to gain post cred, so they can be the top poster or have more posts than their friends. Fluff posts are obvious to spot because they generally bring nothing useful to the discussion, usually in a couple of words. The only Fluffer we want to see is the Guin Turner movie… capisce?

Oh screw it, just watch the video in the blog post, it’s amusing also so well worth watching …..

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