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Jumpman Junior by Epyx – Hasbian Retro Rehash

Jumpman Junior by Epyx – Hasbian Retro Rehash

Jumpman Junior by Randy Glover was released by Epyx in 1983. Essentially a simple platform title, the player ran along girders collecting – diffusing – bombs and avoiding fires and other pitfalls along the way. The simplicity of gameplay and graphical style did not mar what is engrossing gameplay. Comparisons to the early Mario titles were unsurprising given the overall look, with even the eponymous hero sporting Mario’s original name (Jumpman).

Though not one of the uber popular titles of the time, Jumpman managed to secure a fan-base all its own, something that other Epyx titles also managed despite not being seeing as ‘blockbuster’ titles (California Games anyone?). If you’re looking for a retro title that is simple, fun with a learning curve that is almost perfect, give Jumpman a try. How I hear you cry… you don’t own a Coleco, Atari or C64… well do you have a Wii? If so you can get a Jumpman port via the Wii Virtual Console.

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