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Bayonetta not feeling the Bayonetta love fest – First Impressions

Bayonetta not feeling the Bayonetta love fest – First Impressions

Bayonetta is presently being lauded with high review scores. If we fell in line with those scores here at Lesbian Gamers it would get the coveted “Carmen’s Lapdance” review score, but I gotta tell ya, I’m not feeling the Bayonetta love fest just yet. Granted I’ve played the title for only a few hours, so before reviewing it obviously many more hours are needed, but as first impressions go, I just don’t know why all the noise about this game. Some writers are suggesting this redefines genres, that it is the BEST action fighter since the dawn of time. At the moment I feel like it was designed by 14 year old boys hitting puberty with a penchant for BDSM and weird Japanese soundtracks. That said it’s not awful, It is a good game (technically), with a lot going on, but is it really worth almost perfect review scores? Why do you love / loathe Bayonetta? I’ll be reviewing this title properly once I’ve finished it, remember this is just ones persons thoughts based on a first impression. Now imagine Jo Frost (Super Nanny) as Bayonetta (not hard is it?!), that would be pretty pretty pretty cool… “get on the naughty step you bad bad girl”. Terrifying.

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8 Responses to “Bayonetta not feeling the Bayonetta love fest – First Impressions”

  1. Thefremen says:

    Yeah so I was immediately attracted to Uncharted 2 due to my love of Rogue-ish treasure hunters, I think this is the same kind of thing. If you have a penchant for ladies with glasses, living hair as a weapon, gun-shoes, bdsm fetish wear you make an immediate connection with bayonetta that enhances the entire experience.

  2. Sai says:

    Seriously? Most of the “sexy” moments in the game are totally played for laughs, it’s like it’s making fun of many Japanese and American tropes at the same time. It’s ruthlessly, unabashedly camp, I thought anyone could see that from the opening. Aside from all that the controls are so incredibly fluid it really is the best third person action game just about ever.

  3. Clearly it’s just me then ;o)
    I do GET the camp aspect, I’m not 4. Does adding the humor aspect make it ok?

  4. .tiff says:

    I’m up to Chapter 9 right now in Bayonetta, and so far it’s been a dizzying, entertaining experience. The game is more or less all about the exploding Rococo, over-the-top style, with cherub-faced angel demons exploding left and right. So it’s been pretty entertaining in a jazz hands kind of way.
    Bayonetta herself is kind of played out though. She’s campy and ridiculous but her antics get pretty tiresome and repetitive after the first few chapters. Plus the story/character development lacks any substance… so if you’re looking for that you won’t find it.
    There’s a lot of interesting chatter about Bayonetta in the game-o-sphere though. If you’re interested, I wrote a bit about it here:

  5. GingerAnne says:

    This game is pure sex. I LOVE IT. Me and my girlfriend are dressing up like Jeanne and Bayonetta for an upcoming conventions. You can’t get anymore of a lesbian girl game than this. Bayonetta is not just for straight guys. Bayonetta is so over feminine that she reminds me almost of a few drag queens I know LOL. Full of laughs and sexyness. This game gets a 10 out of 10 from me. Cheers Ladies!

  6. kayleigh jones says:

    I like her she looks awesome and the game play is pretty good, but I wasn’t feeling it because of the music not so win as DMC.

  7. thefremen says:

    Wow the ending…VERY oedipus rex.

  8. Arzachel Nightbreeze says:

    @GingerAnne Amen. This is the only game I’ve actually commited to (and still capturing the crows!) apart from Tomb Raider. And I must say that a game doesn’t get anymore lesbian than this. Of course it would’ve been twice that amount if Luka was a girl… If that dream came true this game would be my religion. I’m just sayin’.

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