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Marvel Comics do comics by women

Marvel Comics do comics by women

With the air still swirling with “Marvel are sexist” (and indeed the geek realm of comic books overall), Marvel Comics brings us Girl Comics. The special three-issue anthology will be made by women, that is to say completely by women. All inking, artwork, lettering, the whole thing will be by female comic creators. Amongst the mix are Kathryn Immonen, Marjorie Liu, Devin Grayson, Ann Nocenti, Trina Robbins, G. Willow Wilson, Stephanie Buscema, Amanda Conner, Jill Thompson, Louise Simonson, Valerie D’Orazio, Colleen Coover, Molly Crabapple, Nikki Cook, Ming Doyle, Abby Denson, and Carla Speed McNeil. The book will be edited by Jeanine Schaefer. The first issue is due out in March.

More at The Beat.

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