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Dragon Age: Origins heads to Mac

Dragon Age: Origins heads to Mac

If you’re more a fan of Apple Mac than you are these new fangled consoles and you want to play Dragon Age: Origins you’re in luck. The game is finally getting a release for Mac. BioWare put the following on their site “You can now pre-order the VGA “RPG of the Year” award winner for your Mac this holiday season. Both the Standard and Digital Deluxe versions will be available for select retailers. Standard Version includes Stone Prisoner and Blood Dragon Armor in your download. Digital Deluxe Version includes Stone Prisoner, Blood Dragon Armor and Wardens Keep in your download.” Ahh there’s that Free Virtual Crap again. Places to get the game include GameTree, Direct2Drive, GamersGate and GameTap. It will set you back $50 or $65 (USD) dependent on version.

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