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Defender of the Crown – Hasbian Retro Rehash

Defender of the Crown – Hasbian Retro Rehash

It’s time for our first Hasbian retro gaming post. Why look back at old games you’re never likely to play again you may be wondering (or ever), because by looking back we learn. It’s 1986 and to some extent game developer Cinemaware changed the way games looked and played by releasing Defender of the Crown. The title set in England saw you – the player – take on the role of a Saxon trying to fight off the Normans by taking control of different English territories. Gameplay was strategy mixed with minigames and featured some of the best graphics, story and gameplay seen at the time.

Defender of the Crown was a tremendous game and one that set Cinemaware up as the company you looked toward for cinematic, story driven titles with depth. In 1986 this was one of the games to own and it was one of the games to talk about, it pushed forth the boundaries of development and gamer expectation. For comparison, one might use something like Uncharted 2 as its modern day equivalent (despite the genre differences).

Like most old games, going back to relive the glory may not quite live up to the grandeur of having played it at the time. Having said that, if you see this and an Amiga at a car boot sale going cheap, it’s worth trying to see that magic as a gamer who adores gaming.

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