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Asylum looks at video game characters coming out of the closet

Asylum looks at video game characters coming out of the closet

Xav de Matos over at Asylum has an interesting piece up about "Gay Video Game Characters Coming Out of the Closet". There's some good points made throughout, so we thought we'd let you know it's there. Xav de Matos states "developers tend to feel comfortable letting gamers choose between elves and orcs, but not being a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender character." It's not a long article, but it covers the points concisely and throws up some interesting questions, including why yet another article talking about gay characters tends to ignore the lesbian in favor of the gay male, but perhaps that's more of a gender issue as it is with straight gamers. You can check out our previous tongue in cheek article Characters in the Closet.

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  1. Lyle says:

    “I think the real failure is that story-driven games generally fail to acknowledge sexual orientation at all. And I am mostly OK with that,” says Kevin VanOrd, Associate Editor at CNet’s GameSpot. “No one needs to know who Sonic the Hedgehog sleeps with”
    Sigh. Except we do know who Sonic sleeps with, or at least we know who he would sleep with if he were sexual. Doesn’t he have a girlfriend in the game, Amy Rose?
    Video game experts reveal their privilege again and again this way. Acknowledging gay people is seen as sexual content in a way that an opposite-sex love interest isn’t. Or they think that including gay characters requires a character who outs themself in their introduction. Only a few game developers (like those at Rockstar) seem to realize you can out a gay character by having her mention her girlfriend.
    Then again, on the other end of the spectrum there’s Bethesda which is often way to subtle in letting players know characters are in a gay relationship.

  2. ShadowTiger says:

    I think its a common fallacy to say that games like Mass Effect have “gay” characters. They have bi-sexual characters. There are a few homosexual characters in video games: Wikipedia lists most of these gay characters as men, and in Japanese tradition many are cross dressers too. I wonder when there will be real lesbian characters who wont hop in bed with a male player or invite him into a threesome. For some reason a lesbian identified character sounds like a fantasy not something reasonable to expect.
    And lets bring things into perspective, yes you can be an orc or an elf… and there are even half-orcs and half-elves… but besides arcanum I haven’t really played any games that feature cross-race romance. Thank goodness for some alien love time in Mass Effect, but honestly I think the fantasy world could use less senseless killing and more sensuous loving…

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