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Halo ODST – Video Review

Halo ODST – Video Review

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In this episode the intrepid twosome ponder the Halo ODST debacle as they give their thoughts on the game, whilst trying to ignore the Bungie fanboy hate that flooded Lesbian Gamers with regards to this title. Seems like fanboys don’t like other peoples opinions, there’s a shocker. Fanboy stupidity aside Halo ODST is getting a video review because it’s Halo and in the annals (that’s a double “n”) of gaming that’s pretty important. You can check out Gay Girls Who Game take on the Halo ODST debacle in episode 3.16 – that’s season 3 episode 16, or if you like nice round numbers, that’s episode 60 all up at AfterEllen or below.

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