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Borderlands – Quick U-Haul Review

Borderlands – Quick U-Haul Review

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Borderlands is a blend of manic FPS with RPG elements. There’s plenty of weapons, death and mayhem to be had to sate the shooter fans wants, whilst also loads of RPG elements for those that prefer a little more depth. Gearbox Software have managed to bring forth one of the better titles of 2009 with a fairly expansive game featuring sprawling environments, insane characterizations and more weapons than you can poke a modified rocket launcher at. Should you hire that U-Haul, well Borderlands is a fabulous date, loads of fun, but can be repetitive, why not let it stay over a few nights before you decide to move it on in. That said, if you just jump right on in and hire that U-Haul, it will definitely keep you busy for weeks and weeks to come, particularly given the much rumored plethora of downloadable additions that we will apparently see for it in the future.

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