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Weekend Playlist – What games are you playing this weekend?

Weekend Playlist – What games are you playing this weekend?

It’s the weekend! Which of course means more free time (unless you work on the weekend, which sucks!). So what gaming delights will you be playing this weekend? The LG team will be playing the Batman Arkham Asylum demo through again, just because we enjoyed it, though it would have been better to be playing as big lezzie Batwoman (just sayin!). We’ll also be checking out some old Amiga games, particularly those by Team 17. What will you be playing this weekend, or what have you played?

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11 Responses to “Weekend Playlist – What games are you playing this weekend?”

  1. DigitalAngel says:

    Just finished ‘Bioshock’ on Xbox 360 and am now diving into some Tom Clancy fps action. Vegas 2, I believe…
    …and watching the Avatar trailer over and over again.

  2. klaptulp says:

    Eye of judgment for PS3 is the one that I want to check out this weekend. As a former Magic the gathering card fan, I hope this interactive card game lives up to my expectations.
    In case it doesn’t, there’s always Hospital Hysteria on the DS (more prefered on the DS than PC).
    Have a great weekend!

  3. CurlySue says:

    I am going to devote some time the my DS this weekend.
    The poor thing has dust from the age of the iphone all over it and must get some much needed attention.
    Zookeeper may be the weapon of choice.

  4. Bri says:

    Just played some tennis game on the wii at my friends house. It was pretty fun.
    Think I will fit in some puzzle games also this weekend as I am watching some anime too. =^-^=

  5. karen_c says:

    I feel so behind the times b/c I’m playin’ GTA 4 (since gamefly finally sent it to me after havin’ been at the top of my queue forevehs) but only when my partner’s not at home watchin’ something.
    however abt playin’ the new Bats game as Lezzie-woman, .what if. there’s a special “costume” to be found or be content downloaded for playin’ as Batwoman? I would even pay for that option, yo!

  6. Sarah says:

    This weekend it’s Harvest Moon 64 on my PC! Gotta love emulators and xbox360 controllers. :) The controller is a must for that game, or at least something with a joystick. Evil slanted gameplay… If only I could read Japanese I’d get my hands on the only lesbian version of the series. Here’s to hoping Natsume will change their ways…

  7. ufos_are_real says:

    now that i have my third wii sensor bar in working order.. i decided to go back to my love of need for speed :) .. which gave me such horrible motion sickness after only an hour that i had to spend the next 3 hours laying in bed waiting for the room to stop spinning.
    i give you ladies major props for being able to game on a regular basis.. its really quite impressive lol

  8. ShadowTiger says:

    I’m playing Castlevania: order of Ecclasia on DS. This game is pretty hard, Japanese gamers must like torture. I still have plenty of PC gaming to catch up on too… this weekend was too short!

  9. KristenD says:

    Tiger Woods 10

  10. Aren’t we a diverse bunch? Love it!
    We spent a lot of time with XBLA title Shadow Complex over the weekend. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this game this week here at the LG for various reasons.
    Hope you all had a great gaming weekend!
    @ DigitalAngel congrats on finishing BioShock.. an awesome game! Did you enjoy the twist?
    @ karen_c
    We’d pay for that option too!
    @ UFOs
    Motion Sickness? on NFS? Wow… we never got that when we played it on the 360.

  11. ufos_are_real says:

    i think it was a combination of not having done any gaming in months, sitting too close while playing on a big screen tv and relentless 360’s while trying to evade the police
    doesnt take much to make me sick apparently, ive even had it happen while playing SSX just doing constant spins and 360’s. im just not born to be a gamer lol .. ill leave that up to the professionals : D

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