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EA Sports Active review Nintendo Wii – Full Written Review

EA Sports Active review Nintendo Wii – Full Written Review

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Tired of Wii Fit, looking for something with a little more depth than watching your Mii bumble about on screen? EA may have the answer. EA Sports Active brings a personal trainer into the home with a library of exercises falling into the categories of cardio, sports, upper and lower body.

The goal of EA Sports Active is simple, to help you train and get in better physical shape. Though similar to the goal of Wii Fit, EA Sports Active actually feels like more of a personal trainer. You make your profile, decide what you wish to do (including a 30 day fitness challenge) and choose a trainer (male or female). You’re now on your way to a better you.

You can choose the intensity of a workout (easy, moderate and hard) and get your strap-on out. No, no… this is on a Nintendo console for goodness sake.. .this strap-on consists of a leg strap that you attach around your upper right thigh… for exercise purposes. The nunchuck will sit in this for many of the exercises on offer. And here in lay the first issue, the leg strap will fit around a 25” thigh without needing to extend it. It does come with a piece of velcro, though this is used to shorten the strap. Given this needs to be worn at the top of the thigh, some larger gamers may have an issue here. Whilst we’re on the usage problems issue, left handed people may too have issue with specific games, such as tennis, baseball, basketball, though EA have since come out and stated it is possible to simply use the wiimote in the opposite hand. I tried this and it wasn’t overly responsive in the tennis, so you may need to try it for yourself.

Now onto the actual crux of the gameplay, if you can call it a game. The start of each exercise features a handy video with the trainer of your choice showing you how to do it, these can be skipped once you know what you are doing. Exercises may utilize the resistance band that comes with the game, this is essentially a long piece of red rubber with hand grips. This might seem silly, but it does add resistance, thus making your work outs all the more worthwhile.

Graphically EA Sports Active is actually pretty good, if simple. The videos in the game are live action videos of the actual trainer and the in game trainer takes on her overall look when virtual. Customization of your character isn’t great, with only a few options available, but this doesn’t really matter. The overall atmosphere of the title isn’t bad, with some nice outdoor scenes and indoor gym environments.

The sound in EA Sports Active is also quite good, the voice overs of your personal trainer do the job at keeping you motivated, though their repetitiveness may become annoying once you’ve been using it awhile. Verbal instructions are good and the onscreen visual clarifies anything you’re not sure about. You can choose the type of music you wish to listen too, though it is all fairly generic.

Overall EA Sports Active is a great workout program. It’s not without a few small flaws, namely a leg band that may not fit larger players and right handed centric gameplay, but all in all it’s all about motivation and EA Sports Active has it in droves. If you want to get fit and not pay for daily personal trainer fees, get EA Sports Active.

U-Haul Review Status: Want to get fit? What better way to get fit than with your own personal trainer, she’s cute, fit and fits on a bookshelf. Hire that u-haul! Of course like all good relationships, this will only work for you if you put in effort.

EA Sports Active gets the Helena Peabody game rating. Like Helena EA Sports Active makes you hot and sweaty and it’s good for you. Unlike Helena however EA Sports Active won’t lower itself to sleep with Papi.

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