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EA Grand Slam Tennis review for Nintendo Wii – Full Written Review

EA Grand Slam Tennis review for Nintendo Wii – Full Written Review

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EA Grand Slam Tennis brings a deeper tennis experience to the Wii console. As the player, you will be able to take your own customized character to grand slam events such as Wimbledon. Will you win all four grand slam trophies?

Video game tennis has been a staple favorite of certain developers over the years, but with the advent of Nintendo Wii, control methods mean you can now literally play video game tennis the way it was meant to be played (with swinging arms and Monica Selles styled grunts). EA Grand Slam Tennis can utilize the new Motion Plus accessory bringing even more accurate controls to your game. You will be able to buy the game on its own or bundled with Motion Plus.

MotionPlus is simply integrated into the game, with only a little calibration needed. Despite the one-to-one accuracy reports, you may still find it isn’t actually one-to-one, notwithstanding this it is still highly impressive. For beginners though, forgo this addition and play with just your WiiMote, thus removing some of the difficulty. You can also use the nunchuck to aid player movement.

EA Grand Slam Tennis features a good court selection with 12 locations (including clay, hard court and grass). Gameplay is fun, though the AI of opponents can lead to some frustrating moments.

Graphically this is a great title and fans of Wii Sports Tennis will love all of the additional detailing here, this feels like real tennis. It’s not realistic, with its over sized tennis ball and cartoon like characters and fairly flat crowds, but these touches add to the game, not detract. There’s even a few tennis celebs for you to play with, including people like Roger Federer and Venus Williams to name but two.

Sound in the title too is spot on, with music mixed by none other than Paul van Dyk, well at least being tennis there is one Dyke involved eh. If you like generic techno-pop you’re probably going to love this. Sound effects all sound realistic, there’s the sneaker squeak and the ball thwap, it all feels fairly stylish. Even the announcer isn’t as overbearing as in some other sports titles.

EA Grand Slam Tennis is a great title that is a lot of fun to play, though the opponent AI can be a little unforgiving at points. For gamers looking to step it up from something like Wii Sports Tennis, EA Grand Slam Tennis is a fantastic title. Add to this it’s one of the first titles to utilize Nintendo’s Wii Motion Plus controller and you’re well on your way to a more accurate game of tennis.

U-Haul Review Status: Maybe you should let this one move in, it’s fun, cute and though it doesn’t do housework it’s got some smoother motion plus moves. Hire that u-haul!

EA Grand Slam Tennis is worthy of the Dana Fairbanks review score. It’s cute, smart and all about the tennis. Play it whether your name is Lara Perkins or not.

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