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Zoey and Hunter A Left 4 Dead Love Story – Article

Zoey and Hunter A Left 4 Dead Love Story – Article

Oh Zoey, how you do make some girls hearts go all a flutter and one heart in particular seems to be rather taken with you… Hunter. No it’s not that twisted ‘rape porn’ image that’s doing the internet rounds (ugh!), we’re talking lesbian love here people.

Yes, not all Hunter’s are male, it’s hard to see under that hoody you see. One Hunter tells her story and of her love for Zoey in our fun article / story “Left 4 Dead Love Story – Hunter & Zoey”.

Through the eyes of the Hunter
Zoey and Hunter a love story

Just another day on the block, same hoody, same torn jeans, same frenzied thoughts raging through my mind as I dangle my legs from the rooftop.

Before all this started – the sickness – I was going to college, had my heart set on a degree in computer science. Life was pretty good and about the only thing hanging over me was the big coming out thing to my parents. I’d always been a major tomboy, not like they’d be stunned with the news that their skate board lovin, hoody wearing daughter – who was often mistaken for a boy – liked the ladies in the romantic sense.

Then I got sick… me… and a whole lot of other people.

I still have momentary flashes of clarity, in my mind, but my body won’t listen. I just feel like I want to rip someone’s f_cking head off ya know… my hands tremble and there’s not much I can do. I want to live, I just want to survive this nightmare, oh and cut these unsightly nails, I mean really… long nails… no it just won’t do.

Last week I saw 4 “survivors” and though I wanted to leap down on them from on high, I’d just seen that fat barf dude Guido and his buddy vomit on one of them only to explode in a hail of gunfire, so I chose to sit perched atop the truck I was on and watch from a distance. It was then that I saw her.

Cute, sneakers, red jacket, tight tee, shame about the Uzi really. Me and Zoey, we could have had something. Back in the day, I’d have asked her out for sure, my gaydar dinged when I saw her and I bet she used to like boarding, gaming, music, all the things I loved before this happened to me. She was sweet, I just gazed and gazed at her. Sadly though, right then and there, I just wanted to jump her, and not in a good way, more in a Travis the chimp way… (too soon? Ed.)

I watched her and she took point, which let’s face it, is majorly hot, even if there’s a chance you’re going to be on the pointy end of her 9mm Parabellum. There’s something about a girl with a gun that is awesome… that Palin chick aside.

Her and her friends were pretty cool, but selfish f_ckers, only out for themselves, screw all those poor unfortunates they wiped off the map. Oh sure sure they’re sick… infected… well if someone finds a cure, they’d made sure there were a LOT less folk to give it to. They even took out old smokey, ironically the infected version of the old nam vet they had with them, but they didn’t see that. They just popped him one for coughing and sticking his tongue out at them, and these people think we’re the bad guys?

Anyway, they left the neighborhood and I didn’t see them again. That was like a week ago and I’m still hanging around, like I usually do, hoping some crazy ass “survivor” doesn’t decide to head my direction and we get into a little one on one, god I’m even having uncontrollable urges to jump guys, now that shit is just not right!

As for Zoey, I’m pretty sure her and her buddies escaped the city because I just got this feeling, well that and I saw a helicopter enter and leave a few hours later, over at the hospital and I know they went in there.

I think about Zoey still…
Zoey…. We’d have been friends at the very least… before I got sick.
Now… I just wanna rip your sweet smiling face off.

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