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No gays / lesbians in Star Wars say BioWare

No gays / lesbians in Star Wars say BioWare

Sometimes words do fail and this is one of those times. Bioware are the latest backward thinking idiots company to fall foul of having zero idea of how to broach the dreaded subject of us big queers. Apparently the words “gay,” “lesbian,” and “homosexual” had been deemed unacceptable on the Bioware forums, with the community manager there, one Sean Dahlberg closing threads and stating “As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars. Thread closed.”

So hold up, these terms do not exist so the threads are closed. My my Bioware must be closing threads all over the place then, one would therefore assume anyone talking about anything that doesn’t exist in the imaginary and therefore open world of the Star Wars universe must be disallowed… err.. no.

It strikes me as very odd that in the midst of all the other homophobic drizzled dealings with us dykes and queers various companies have had recently, Bioware would be a little less moronic, not to mention many GLBT people (myself included) love Bioware for their seemingly open worlds and love choices within their games. Sadly that didn’t seem to be the case with regards to this subject, though at time of writing the closed thread has been re-opened and much back pedaling had begun on the part of Mr Dahlberg.

Rather than going into a reactionary filled irritated diatribe about how we once more are faced with uneducated and closed minded views within our beloved games industry, I will refer you all to the post by “Elikal” at the Star Wars The Old Republic forum, in which he, or she states the issue in an articulate manner so that discussion may ensue.

Some other sites discussing this issue:

Many thanks to all those people who emailed this info into us!


It seems after some talking to that Mr Dahlberg realised the error of his ways (and all that negative PR) and issued an apology:

“I would like to personally apologize to “Elikal” and anyone I may have offended. My intention was not to demean anyone but simply to help promote a community that could discuss topics in a mature fashion. When I first built the word filter list, I added a variety of terms to the word filter that have been used numerous times in derogatory messaging. There were some words added to the filter that should not have been – we corrected this today.”
He went on to say:

“I apologize for the confusion that this has created but I would like to be clear that there was never any intent to limit discussion. That said, I have overstepped my boundaries in my original statement and I sincerely apologize for doing so.”

Lesbian Geek .com are also covering the story.

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4 Responses to “No gays / lesbians in Star Wars say BioWare”

  1. Cullen says:

    But kissing your sister is fine!

  2. Xanadugrrl says:

    It sounds like someone had a virtual bitch-slap and is trying to backpedal….

  3. Jessica says:

    Strange you could always marry same sex (same or different speciese lol) in starwars galaxies and I thought that was strictly starwars canon stuff.

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