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Question a Lesbian Gamer – What do lesbians do in bed?

Question a Lesbian Gamer – What do lesbians do in bed?

It’s time for another “Question a Lesbian Gamer”. Wow, it’s been so long since anyone emailed us a question for this area we’d pretty much forgotten it was there. So in rolls “StuffedChickpea”, we’re assuming not their real name with a question:

Question: “Les gamers I have a question for the {question a les gamer} section of your site. What do lesbians do in bed?”.

Well StuffedChickpea, we’re glad you asked such a gaming related question. The answer of course is, have sex, sleep, sometimes read, sometimes watch TV. Hell we’ll even throw in “sometimes play *DS” to keep it right and on topic. Will wonders never cease “teh gays” are just like everyone else.

We do hope this answers your Question a Lesbian Gamer query… on Lesbian Gamers… a site all about video games…. on the off chance you thought this was a sex site….

*DS as in Nintendo DS, not Domination Sadomasochism or Dildo Strapons… though that’s not to say some people don’t do those things be they gay. bi or straight. ;op

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4 Responses to “Question a Lesbian Gamer – What do lesbians do in bed?”

  1. Thefremen says:

    Someone I was playing l4d with last week was talking about how funny it is to say “in bed” after fortune cookies, that kind of thing. I disabled my router’s firewall so i can play wow wirelessly…in bed.

  2. Highmax says:

    holy crap, you actually do all those things? i do to!! well except, you know, sex (confidence and self image issues) sleep (nightmares, night terrors, recurring visits to memories i greatly wish to forget) and few other things i wish i could do with a bed.

  3. The Amazing Kim says:

    I have one! Sometimes I write in my journal, eat toast, or, if it’s early in the morning and I have an early programming lecture, wish that I could stay in it longer.
    Often at 3am I tell my cat to bugger off.

  4. Steph says:

    Hahaha love that answer 😛
    Such a rude question anyway, it isn’t like lesbians go around asking straight girls what they do sexually… so rude.

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