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The Xbox 360 Elite Red Ring of Death [RRoD] Saga part 2

The Xbox 360 Elite Red Ring of Death [RRoD] Saga part 2

Here we are back again with more news of what can happen when your Xbox 360 red rings itself. We’re documenting it from when it first happens, your initial pleas for RRoD help and so on through the process.

As we’d stated last time, we had opted to contact the service center via the online option – due to previous issues with the MS ‘help’ line – and we’d set up the service repair order. We then waited….

John Hodgman didn’t show up at our door and snatch away the offending hardware, nor did we receive an email with any further instructions. We waited til Sunday morning and nothing, so we decided to email direct to the MS customer services and say “hey dude, I put in a service repair order – which is showing up online at – for my frakked 360 and I haven’t heard diddly”… only not in those exact words.

We got a response from MS help stating:

Warm greetings from Microsoft Customer Service. My name is “NAME of HELPFUL MS PERSON”.

As I understand it, you are enquiring regarding Xbox 360 Elite and require assistance. If this is not correct, please let me know.

May I please suggest you contact Xbox Customer Care directly for further assistance with this issue. This is because Microsoft Xbox has its own support avenue and all Xbox queries should be directed to them as they have the necessary resources and knowledge to assist you further.

You can contact Xbox Customer Care directly on 1800 555 741 or by clicking on the “Contact Xbox Support” link on the following page:

Australian Customers:

I hope I was able to address your enquiry to your satisfaction. Should you have further questions relating to this enquiry or any additional enquiries, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you for contacting Microsoft.

Kind regards,

Now…. just a couple of small points, firstly.. what a lovely email, so polite, so friendly, I mean it starts with “warm greetings from MS customer support”.. sweet. Shame other than that it was fairly useless.

Here’s the thing… the link included is the link we used to register the offending Xbox with, it all went through, it’s still there now, sitting there on the website. Also wouldn’t it have been easier for this “support” person to put the repair order through on the system… all the details were in our email dude.

No instead we’re now forced to phone the ‘helpline’ *sigh*

So we phone and of course they are polite and we have to say it was refreshing to hear a US accent as it’s nice to be able to understand the person you’re talking with and them you. So it begins… she runs through EVERYthing even though we’ve said we’ve double and triple checked the whole thing.. cables, power supply etc. It makes no difference, she runs through the list, which she clearly has to do, one assumes it’s on a computer screen in front of her with little boxes she must tick off.

She tells us to buy a box and package JUST the Xbox 360 and NOT to write Xbox, Microsoft or any other “steal me” type information on the box. Problem being Australia post boxes are too huge to accommodate the device or just a tad too small! No problem, because the Red Ring of Death is so rife an issue, our dear friend happens to have an actual “coffin” box for a 360 that hers was returned to her in… yippee!!

The MS girl tells us if they receive the Xbox and it’s been tampered with, unscrewed, opened or modified in anyway, the warranty is void… fair enough, luckily we don’t believe in that sort of business so it’s all good.

She ends by saying a packaging slip will be emailed through that you print out and stick to the box, postage paid… nice one. Oh and you also get a one month free Gold Memebership to make up for the time you’re missing on the service whilst your Xbox is away.

All in all good customer service so far, wonder how long it will take once we post the sucker off?

Oh the phonecall took 11 minutes.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment…..

Thrilling?… really?…..

Okay maybe not thrilling…

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  1. comicgirl says:

    A friend of mine gets the red ring of death all the time, he cures it by sticking the xbox in the freezer and then covering it in towels to let it overheat. this seems to make it work for a few more months and then he does it all over again. strange huh?

  2. The Amazing Kim says:

    You mean I’m not the only gaming dyke in Australia?!
    (Because sometimes, it feels that way.)

  3. spotticus says:

    I feel your pain. And I don’t even have an xbox. I just have microsoft OS on my computer. Gah! Hope things get better for you guys soon. Looking forward to your take on “Wheelman”.

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